5 of the best sweaters for fall

The best sweaters for fall is a very subjective topic. This blog will share the 5 that I think are the most unusual, stylish, and wearable for the upcoming season, the best sweaters for 2022.

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For a long, long time Fall was my most anticipated season. I still like it but I’m giving the other seasons a fair shot these days. One of my favorite things about fall, aside from everything pumpkin, are the clothes. I love cozy clothes that keep me warm. And fall colors were my thing. Warm autumn was my everything.

But fall 2022 sweaters are anything but your traditional lineup of brown, mustard, and olive. Things are bold, colorful, and bright. And I love that too.

I didn’t evict all my warm fall tones from the closet, but I’m inviting in some new friends. We can all get along, all the different colors, shapes, and sizes. Kinda like real life.

What sweaters are in style in 2022?

It’s kind of anything goes right now, which is fun. If you love bold color all year long, hop on board the color train this fall, it’s going to be a fun ride.

I’ve picked what I think are the best sweaters for fall. Take this and make it your own. Find sweaters in bold colors, stripes, and hand-embroidered items that are your style, and wear them all season long.

Best sweater brands for the fall

I have 5 sweaters that I’ve selected as my top choices for fall sweaters. But these are not the only brands I wear and love. I am a big fan of Naadam, 1965, and Quince as well for sweaters, but didn’t present any of their options today.

Let’s see some trending sweaters for 2022

I am not a big fan of trends. They fill your closet with items that in a year or two you won’t feel comfortable wearing. But I am a fan of feeling current and adding a sweater can be an easy way to partake in a trend you find intriguing.

If you have a capsule wardrobe, this is a great chance to add in that splash of color. Step away from the neutrals and go bold.

Here are my picks for the best sweaters for fall

I love this preppy edgy v-neck number. Bold color but still traditional due to the shape and placement of coloring. So fun to wear alone or layer over a shirt either in white or a coordinating color.

Lavender sweater with a v-neck in deep purple and red.
Kule V-Neck Sweater

How do I love thee let me count the ways? You are green, so green. A turtleneck. Boxy so I can layer under you or front tuck into jeans. You are 100% cotton. I cannot wear wool or cashmere right next to my skin, I have to have a layer on. So I am always on the hunt for cotton sweaters. This one comes in several colors including stripes. I have one coming (in the green of course), but they are on backorder, totally worth the wait in my opinion.

Oversized bright green turtleneck sweater. Boxy cut with slits up the side. Making this by choice as one of the best sweaters for fall
Green oversized turtleneck

If you want a more fitted, traditional sweater, this is a great option. The ivory with the green tipping at the collar, bottom and cuffs is so feminine. It makes this sweater unique and really pretty. This sweater will elevate anything else you pair it with.

Ivory cardigan with green tipping at the collar, hem and cuffs. Best sweaters for fall
Ivory cardigan with green tipping

I have to say I’ve never seen anything like this. This sweater is beautiful as it is, but you can also customize the color combinations and the size. There is a second style I’m linking here that can also be color customized. Currently, one size fits all, but you can make it larger or smaller as needed. All of this for under $300. These are made to order, so it takes 6-7 weeks to arrive. But hey, I’m waiting 4 weeks for a silly gap sweater that is mass-produced. I’d gladly wait longer for something so beautiful and one-of-a-kind. This is the most traditional fall option I included today. Old habits you know….

Green open cardigan sweater with hand embroidered flowers in yellow and brown. This is a true fall sweater.
Green cardigan with embroidery

This comes in a ton of different colors and is the perfect sweater for print mixing. Stripes are all the rage this season. This sweater allows you to find a color way that is right for you and your wardrobe.

Berry colored sweater with orange stripes. Best sweaters for fall
Striped pullover sweater



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