Want to make choosing the best basics for a capsule wardrobe easy?

Basics for a capsule wardrobe abound in this blog post where the best options are just a click away. If you need to replace some of your basics, there are some great options in here for you.

Do you love a good series? 

When I was pregnant with my twins, and on lots of bed rest, I got really into this Scottish book series that involved shifters, a romance with a woman and half-man half something else, and the paranormal. I wish I could remember the name of these books so I could warn you not to read them. But I think I’ve intentionally blocked them out. I am embarrassed by myself for having read each and every word of these books.

They were awful, but I stuck with them because it was one long continuous story that I got sucked into. The minute I finished one, I cracked the next. And on it went. It was mindless and kept me entertained while I waited for my angles to hatch.

This was pre-Netflix streaming, but the same principle holds true for the shows they produce now. You can’t wait for the next episode, or worse yet the next season to release. We’ve become such an on-demand society that waiting seems impossible to do.

My series would be titled: Basics for a capsule wardrobe

Well, I’m getting in on the fun. I’m launching a series of sorts here on my blog. Nothing like Bridgerton or Ozark, but a feature on basics for a capsule wardrobe that will roll out over the next few weeks. 

Last week I discussed where to source your basics for a capsule wardrobe. But some of you may not have the time or patience to browse through these places and find the items you seek. So for the next few weeks, I’m going to present you with 1-2 capsule wardrobe basics (little black dress, black pants, and so on) and 3 options for each. I’ll narrow things down for you, so you just choose one that you need or want, to complete your capsule or replace a tiring item.

It’s as close to working with me 1:1 as you can get without working with me 1:1! I’ve shopped for you, all you need to do is identify what pieces you need, and click on which one you like best. 

I like to keep things simple.

The basics covered in this post

This week we’ll take on the blazer and blazer alternative. A traditional blazer is a great third piece. It can tie an entire outfit together, elevate jeans and a t-shirt, and make everything look pulled together. 

But, if a blazer does not work for your lifestyle, then I recommend a knit blazer or cardigan as an alternative. Again, it’s the third piece to tie your entire outfit together, just with a less structured  garment. Both have a place in your wardrobe and many clients have both as part of their capsule wardrobe basics.

The basic blazer for a capsule wardrobe

A classic blazer can always be put to good use in your wardrobe. It’s simple to add and easy to change up based on what you pair with it. Here are a couple of options for a basic one that can be included in your capsule wardrobe.

The blazer alternative

If you aren’t a blazer person, your lifestyle or style, in general, does not lean towards blazers there are other ways to get that pulled-together look. I suggest using a knit blazer or cardigan to give you that tied-together finish. I encourage my clients to have one of these even if they do have a structured blazer. It’s a great option to wear with joggers, jeans, over leggings, with skirts, not sure where to stop, but you get the idea. These garments are the workhorses of your  capsule wardrobe basics.

There you have it for this week. Next we’ll cover the little black dress. This is my favorite capsule wardrobe basic essential and I may have more that 3 options for you on that one. I can’t help myself.

Let me know in the comments, which is your favorite basic in a capsule wardrobe? If you’re not sure what items are in a capsule wardrobe, be sure to grab my freebie on how to build one. It comes with a checklist, samples and all you need to know to get going.



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