A beach coverup is a must this summer

Finding the right beach coverup shouldn’t be hard. This post helps identify a few ideas for some great styles you can wear this summer.

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I’m a magnet for frisbees and footballs at the beach.

They just come flying at me knocking off my hat and glasses. Once, I even dropped my drink after a sharp blow to the noggin.

It’s jarring, not to mention embarrassing to be blindsided by a flying object as you’re strolling down the beach, chasing after your kids, or sometimes just standing there. 

But one thing that helps me regain composure, is if I’m feeling good about what I have on. This usually means a cute beach cover-up. ‘Tis the season for such garments, so I thought I’d share a few cute ones I’ve found and one that I own with you. 

Great coverup ideas

In case you want to look good when getting beaned in the noggin while strolling the sands, running back and forth from the snack shack at the pool, or just lounging poolside while reading a book. 

I’ve talked about great summer dresses, shorts, and sandals. But to round out your wardrobe, you need a solid cover up.

A good beach coverup can take you lots of places this summer. Click the photo for more details on each item. 

Why wear a beach coverup?

Because it makes you feel comfortable walking around in your swimsuit and is sometimes required for entry into places. Plus it’s an excuse to buy a cute garment.

Many of these dresses can be worn outside of the beach or pool, and you probably have dresses in your closet that you can wear as a cover-up. My vacation trick is to wear a dress a time or two, then use it as a coverup. This allows me to pack less, and get more wear out of my items while away. You can use this same tactic when you’re at home, too. 



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