The 7 best chemical free beauty products from Beauty Heroes

This blog post covers the best chemical-free products at my favorite beauty store, Beauty Heroes.

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I try different types of skin products all the time. When I want an honest opinion on how a new product appears to be working on my skin, I ask my kids. 

After a glance in the mirror a few years ago, I thought to myself, this cream seems to be working… Looking for a second opinion I seek feedback from my pre-teen girls. They study my face for a half minute, tilt their heads from side-to-side (as kids and puppies tend to do), then Luci responds, “Yeah, you look different. You don’t have so many cracks on your face.”

Well, thank you, Luci. 

Give it to me straight is not a line I need to use with my two. 

I’m always on the hunt for the best chemical-free products. But when you have to research new products, the effectiveness of which no one has vouched for, there’s lot of risk and hassle involved (not to mention the near-impossible return process).

Why should you have a skin care routine

Having a skin care routine can help with troubled skin, signs of aging, and overall hygiene. As we enter our 40s and 50s, skincare becomes even more important. See what Be Your Better You has to say about the benefits of skincare. She does a great job of explaining why it’s important. I also think having a mostly chemical free skincare routine is important.

How to find the best chemical-free products

Now you know why I’m a big fan of Beauty Heros. This online (and in-person) chemical-free beauty products store vets all their inventory, has an easy return policy, and if you live in the SF Bay Area, they have a brick and mortar store in Novato. It’s amazing to go in and have them make recommendations. They can also do this online or over the phone.

Today I’m highlighting a few of my current favorite products from Beauty Heroes. Take a look at my recommendations, but keep in mind that they have tons more options. So if you don’t see anything that solves your current beauty needs, browse their website to see what might work for you.

Chemical free makeup

Photo by Beauty Heroes

Y et Beaute limited edition discovery kits. This brand has the most intense and long-lasting lip color I’ve ever used. Natural makeup is often very color-rich, this lipstick takes it to a whole new level. Beauty Heroes is having a special on three different bundles featuring three colors each.

The lipstick has a ton of moisture, feels great on, and has amazing color saturation. This wears like a very high-end lipstick but is a chemical-free product.

These sets are an amazing price, but you can also purchase an individual lipstick if one of these sets isn’t calling your name.

Non-toxic shampoo

Photo by Beauty Heroes

Ayuna Revitalizing Solid Shampoo This is a bar shampoo, but unlike any other I’ve used. It moisturizes my hair, smells like fresh laundry, and is super-easy to use. Be sure to grab the bamboo tray that is designed to go with it for proper draining. This is also great for travel — no leaking all over your toiletry bag.

I have fine hair, but lots of it, so I have to be careful with hair products as they can cause build up. Ayuna does not leave a film, nor does it dry my hair out. I use my Evolvh conditioner to complete the shampoo process. It’s a great way to mix up my hair care routine.

Zero waste lip balm

Poppy & Pout Sweet Mint Lip Balm If I’m ever famous and Cosmo magazine does one of those What do you have in your bag? exposes, you will find 4-5 lip balms. I am a lip balm fiend. Love it, can’t live without it, always have it with me. This one is my current fave and it comes in multiple flavors. It’s not only toxin-free, but the formula is hand-poured into an eco-friendly paper tube. The dispenser takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s worth it for something that is zero waste. 

The mint balm is perfectly moisturizing and the mint smell is invigorating. Some of the other flavors that are on my list to try include Wild Honey, Island Coconut and Cinnamint. It will be just like the collection of Lip Lickers Lib Balm that I displayed on my wicker vanity when I was a kid. Except non-toxic (Susie Chapstick would be proud).

Face cleansing oils for middle age

bottle of bluh alchemy chemical free product to
Photo by Beauty Heroes

As a middle-aged woman, I no longer want to strip oil from my skin, but add it back in. Funny how things have changed. Cleaning with oil makes your skin feel moisturized, and it’s a thorough way to remove makeup and dirt from your face. I have a couple of favorites, the first is Bluh Alchemy Cleansing Oil. This oil is a little heavier than others I’ve used but it leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized in one step. You rub the oil into dry skin then remove with a warm washcloth to steam out the oil, make up and dirt. I use this at times of the year when my skin tends to dry out. This extra moisture leaves a glow and plumps up my skin.

face washing oil best chemical free product
Photo by Beauty Heroes

Pai Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil smells amazing and removes makeup like it was never there. This comes in a small size so you can try it out before committing to a full-sized product. This is a pre-cleanse oil so you can either use it twice or follow up with another product. The smaller size is great for travel. This is a top selling product at Beauty Heroes. If you’ve never tried oil cleaners for your face, this is a great one to start with.


Photo by Beauty Heroes

Something I wear every day, such as sunscreen, must be a chemical-free product. It’s a no-brainer and there are so many options to choose from. I recently bought this entire set of Solara Sunscreen from Beauty Heroes.

The Clean Freak is one of the two body sunscreens this brand offers. It’s a physical sunscreen so you really have to rub it in to get rid of the white sheen. It never seemed to soak in, I could feel it all day. That said, I wore this while in Hawaii and it worked really well. Same with the Time Traveler Ageless Daily Sunscreen which is designed for your face. I don’t love how it feels on, or the fact that I have to rub it in so aggressively, but it really works. I won’t use this every day, but for the beach, a hike, or long exposure to intense sun, Time Traveler and Clean Freak is what I reach for.

What I love in the set is the Glow Getter; sunscreen with a shimmer. This would be great for an outdoor wedding, brunch or anytime that you’re dressed up but need protection from the sun. This provides an extra glow to your look. It brings me back to my days of going out to bars and clubs wearing sparkle powder (sans the chemicals). The other fave from this set is the Pout Protector. Told ya, I’m a sucker for lip balm. And this one has the added bonus of protecting an area you often neglect when it comes to sun exposure. This lip balm will protect those sweet lips of yours with its moisturizing formula that goes on easily and stays on.

Photo by Beauty Heroes

My all time favorite everyday face sunscreen is Honua Skin Care Malu 30+SPF. It’s made in Hawaii and it smells like it. Is super moisturizing, soaks in nicely and really protects my face. You can buy it direct from Honua or Beauty Heroes. I’ve done both, and it comes more quickly from Beauty Heroes as they oddly have it in stock more often.

Everyone needs a chemical free beauty hero

Clean beauty is work—it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. And anytime I can get help in finding the right products for my skin, I am all in. Beauty Heroes is that resource for me, and I hope it becomes the same for you. Do you have favorite non-toxic, chemical-free, clean beauty products? Let me know what they are in the comments below.





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