3 of the best spring shoe trends

This is a round up of the best spring shoes and trends that I’ll be jumping in on this year.

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My college/post-college roommate and I wore the same size shoes. It was two times the fun, for sure. When she moved out of state, we spent denaro that we didn’t have, shipping Via Spigas back and forth to one another because they were the perfect accent piece on an outfit. And I’m sure we thought we were saving a fortune by not buying shoes, but sharing them across state lines.

Shoes are important and can make or break your ensemble. 

This all important accessory has been a complex topic since the start of the pandemic. Nobody was wearing them for the first year. You wore your slippers, house shoes, or tennis shoes to go for a walk.

That was it. 

Last year was a mix of things, but mostly comfy sandals and fun tennis shoes. 

What’s new for shoes this spring?

Trends in shoes have been hard to nail down for two years, and this year is no different,

When doing my research I found the styles for this year are: round two, pointy toe, chunky heel, ballet flats, tall boots, short boots, flat boots, clogs, no clogs, architectural heels, platforms. Who can keep up?

I think the anticipation of going out again has everyone excited about all the shoes.

I’ve been discussing predictions for trends these past few weeks, and as I always say, you do not need to follow the trends. Wear what you like, what feels good, what works for your body, and lifestyle. 

When I share trends it’s just for fun. Sort of a social experiment. 

I want to help you figure out how to wear a trend if you’re not sure how. To show that there are inexpensive ways to wear trends or how to incorporate a trend into a classic wardrobe. 

So take this shoe blog post for what it is, a fun way to look at what’s happening with shoes and decide which “trends” you’d like to try and those you’ll be sitting out. Keep in mind that your classic pieces are always in style and will always work for you.

Here are a few spring fresh shoe styles that I’ll be having some fun with. My number one criteria with shoes these days is comfort. I need to be able to walk properly in them and not have to ice my feet for hours after I wear them. 

Feminine details

Fun frilly touches that make the shoe ladylike. Jewels, broaches, bobbles, ruffles and embroidery.

Rainbow brights

Just like the dopamine dressing, I spoke of a few weeks ago, bright colors in shoes are part of this trend. Bold, saturated colors on your shoes are here in a big way this spring. 

Mary Janes, but make them unique.

I have always loved a good Mary Jane shoe. If they are patent leather and I’m 100% in. This year the trend is Mary Janes with a twist. A bold heel, contrasting strap and shoe, bejeweled. Things that make these shoes unique and stand out, while delivering the same classic MJ style.

This is mostly based on the fact that I don’t like the look of these types of shoes, but I also have feet issues. I have tendonitis in both Achilles and I broke a foot a couple of years ago that still gives me trouble. Comfort is all I think about these days when I purchase shoes, and I honestly can’t wear heels right now. Maybe someday, but for now it has t be a wedge, or lower heel.

  • Architectural heels: shoes with crazy heels that look too precarious for me. They seem hard to style and more importantly, walk in.
  • Lace-up boots: these usually have lug soles and feel too bulky for me. I like a more feminine look, and who has time to lace-up boots? 

  • Platforms —no, just flat out no. Don’t like the look of them and cannot walk in this style of shoe.

Watch for all of these styles and more as spring shoes begin to appear everywhere. You’ll feel ready to hop in where you want to, and sit back where you need to in terms of styles. Let me know in the comments below, which spring shoe styles are your favorite.



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