How to elevate your summer lounge style

Suummmerr tiiime and the livin’s easy….

Truth: I used to hate summer. I grew up in Southern California, where it is ALWAYS summer. Seriously, I’d wear shorts on Christmas Day. I think I took summer for granted, like a boyfriend that treats you right. I threw summer to the curb the second I experienced the wild winter of Northern California my freshman year in college.

For years after college I lived in a city that was fall and winter all year long–the opposite of what I’d known growing up.

I loved every second of wearing a wool jacket and scarf to a 4th of July BBQ. Sweaters, corduroy everything, and turtlenecks were all I needed, until……

Reunited and it feels so good

I moved to the burbs outside of San Francisco, and I was reintroduced to the California seasons, or it’s main season, summer. I grew to appreciate what summer had to offer and fully embrace it and all its fabulous wardrobe options.

This year summer is going to be different. In California much of life is still locked down and it looks like any chance of a vacation will be a road trip, renting a house, so we can continue to have space from others. I’m basically going nowhere, and fast.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to look cute as I lounge, or be on trend for the summer. I’ve pulled together a few of my fav looks,  I’m calling these “tropics at home.” If you can’t go on vacation, why not pretend.

Summer lovin’ had me a blaast

I love a good dress. It’s my secret weapon when I want to look pulled together in 30 seconds.

A summer dress is loungewear by its very nature. It’s cool, comfortable, no constraints so nothing rides up on you as you lounge, and allows for good airflow. Key in the summer months, especially if you don’t have AC.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading out of the house, add some fancy earrings and shoes, and you have a beautiful, yet comfortable, evening outfit. Here are a few of my favs for this 2020 season. Click photos for more details on each item.


Look at this stunner! I would live in this all summer long. So comfortable and so pretty.

This is great for those cooler nights in the back yard. Like wearing a long, cozy sweatshirt.

This color is amazing. The length and swing of this dress are perfect for lounging around in the summer heat.


I’m a sucker for anything green. This dress is for smaller cup sizes, which is the only reason I don’t own this beauty.

This is French. So of course it’s amazing. 100% cotton, gorgeous floral pattern, loose fit. It’s a lounge must have.

Image-1 copy 2.jpg
These Michael Stars double gauze pants and tops, are the epitome of true summer leisure style. Comfortable, cool and stylish-there is nothing more you could ask for; from a fashion perspective of course.  They come in several colors, I personally own the olive color pants and white top. If you add some big earrings, metallic or animal print sandals, you have a going out to dinner ensemble. That is when restaurants open again. Otherwise, you’re all set to lounge around your house, cool and in-style.


This lounge set from Zara is everything! Silky, cool, comfortable and so tropical. You could wear this together, or the pants with a tee-shirt, and the shirt with jeans. Throw on some sandals and big earrings to head out for the evening. These Subtle Luxury pants are a great tropical lounge pant as well.


These comes in a bunch of different patterns. These two were my fav. Pair with a tank or t-shirt and hit the lounge chair.

Heels tall, shorts small, she said she liked the ocean

For the more active lounger (is that a thing??) Shorts may be a better option. I found a new site that I’m digging right now that has adorable shorts, jumpsuits etc at a reasonable price.

If you have to be on a Zoom call, these outfits can take you from the call to the pool, no wardrobe change required!!

I own this. It’s so comfy and versatile. I can wear with sandals or tennis shoes

I could wear this all day long, and then right into bed! Super soft and comfy, perfect for an active lounger.


This is a two piece set that is just as cute worn separately. The material is so soft and the shorts have an elastic waist band. Need I say more.

What I challenge you to do is take a look through your closet. Find things you would normally wear on a tropical/beach vacation. Pull those things out and wear them around the house. Pair them with t-shirts or a linen blouse. Up-level your loungewear, without spending a dime. It’s not Maui, but at least you’ll get the vacay vibe and use those clothes that would otherwise sit in your closet.

Let me know how it goes. Post photos on Instagram with the hashtag #tropicsathome of your creations. Post in the comments below, let me know if you have questions, observations or successes to share.

Please pass this article along to anyone who may need a little style love.





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