Capsule spring wardrobe: the 4 items you need this season

This post covers your capsule spring wardrobe and how to refresh it for spring 2023.

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Spring is almost here, according to the calendar anyway. Please let it be so. We are about to float away here in California. It’s been a rough and wet winter.

I’m craving that transition from winter to summer which is the definition of spring. You still need a light layer to begin and end your day and you can wear heavier fabrics for a wee bit longer. At the same time brighter colors, florals, and stripes are beginning to take over the fashion scene as spring styles emerge.

I’m ready for it.

This year I’m focusing on four styles to incorporate into my capsule spring wardrobe. These have caught my eye and seem different from the styles that have been prevalent in springs of the past. They seem more decisive, fresh, bold, and unexpected. Which is what makes fashion and style interesting.

The 2023 spring styles I’m recommending you add to your spring capsule this year are:

  • A power suit (but make it springy)
  • Spring sweaters (cotton and open weave please)
  • A shirt dress
  • Denim in something other than jeans

Power suits for spring

This is not your mother’s power suit. No solid navy or boxy lines. These are unusual fabrics, bold colors, and have feminine touches in unexpected places. Add your pearls, bold statement necklace, or floral blouse underneath to complete the spring look. This suit is perfect for work, graduations, luncheons, or wedding showers. It’s something unexpected and will allow you to stand out from the sea of dresses.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good dress. But a power suit makes a statement and gives you a similar ease as a dress in that it’s a matching set. Add a blouse and off you go.

Blue denim stripe suit.

Not sure where to start with all the ways I love this one. The split hem at the bottom, the denim-like material, the detailing on the shoulders, and the tailoring of the jacket to name a few. A floral or solid bold-colored blouse completes this outfit. I’d keep the shoes neutral or match the pop of color if you wear a solid blouse. You can wear this suit as a separate. The blazer with white jeans, the slacks with a t-shirt, and tennis shoes for a casual look are a couple ideas. You will get so much use out of this for spring, summer, and fall.

Pink pant suit

This light wool dusty rose suit is a looser baggy style that if done well, looks amazing and is so comfortable. No pinching and grabbing at the waist or in the rear. It’s important that it looks tailored, you don’t want to go too big so alterations may be needed. Pair it with a fitted blouse or sweater and neutral shoes. A bold but simple necklace, like the gold link one shown on the model, is a great option. But a classic with a twist like large pearls would be amazing as well.

You can wear this to the office and all spring events that appear on your calendar and know that you will look sharp. This suit works as separates as well.

Find a power suit you like this season and start wearing it.

Spring sweaters

I can’t wear wool or even cashmere on my skin, it itches. I’m allergic. So spring is a great sweater season for me as cotton sweaters abound. This year crochet and the open weave are still holding court on the spring sweater fashion scene. I found a few that I am ready to start wearing today, or as soon as it stops raining around here.

Multi-colored Sweater

Multi-colored striped sweater with ivory in between colors. Open knit and scalloped neckline with ribbing at the hem and cuffs.
Multi-colored striped sweater

Striped colorful sweater. This is a bright spot on a ho-hum day. The striped colors on this are deep versus bright, which makes it unusual for spring. The detailing at the neck and the ribbing at the cuffs and hem give the sweater structure. It is slightly cropped, so size up for a full-length bodice and a looser body fit. It’s an open weave but does not need a tank underneath.

Wear this with jeans now and shorts this summer. Pair it with a spring skirt like the denim ones I’m sharing in this post.

Sweater vest with navy trim and ruffles

Sweater vest with ruffles

The website calls this a sweater vest. You can wear it with a shirt underneath while it’s still chilly and as it warms up, you can wear this on its own as a sweater. The ruffles at the shoulders create a sleeve that makes it more than a vest. The navy trim is a great detail. The open weave that transitions to a denser one is unusual. It makes it more useful for someone over 50 and for the workplace.

You can pair it with slacks, white jeans, or a floral skirt are all great options for this gem of a sweater.

Ivory open weave sweater

Open weave ivory sweater with scalloped hem, rolled cuffs and dropped shoulder.
Ivory open weave sweater

This ivory open-weave sweater is so pretty. Notice the scalloped detailing at the hem. The dropped shoulder and rolled cuff. The open weave is a tad too open for me to wear without a tank, but that’s simple to add. Wear this with jeans, a spring skirt, over a summery dress to keep you warm, or with a pair of shorts this summer. It’s also 100% cotton, so it’s the perfect spring and summer layer.

Shirtdress for capsule spring wardrobe update

A dress is a must-have for your spring refresh. So much of what is out right now is caftan, oversized and loose fitting. Don’t get me wrong, I love all this, but sometimes a girl needs to define her waist. And a caftan at the office is hard to pull off. So I went in search of a great shirt dress. This is a classic style, but I found a few with a modern edge to them.

Blue and white striped dress

blue and white striped dress is the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe for spring.
Blue and white striped shirtdress

This blue and white striped shirt dress is a classic. The coordinating belt makes things easy and highlights your waist, but don’t be afraid to swap it out for a different belt to change up the look. You can make it your own by adding a loafer in white or a contrasting color, sandal, or tennis shoe depending on your day. Throw on a blazer if you have a client meeting or a sweater if it’s a chilly start to the day. I’d add a large tote in a bold color like pink to tie this all together.

Seafoam green pleated shirtdress

Seafoam green pleated dress

My bedroom in high school was seafoam green. I have lots of fond memories associated with this color. Aside from the color, the pleats and blouse style of the top make this dress unusual, pretty, and functional. This dress can go from the office to brunch, graduations, or a dinner party. A simple change of accessories and shoes makes this a different dress each time. You can beat the price point on this dress if you want something cheap and cheerful in your capsule spring wardrobe.

Denim outside of jeans in your capsule spring wardrobe

This one is so fun. Wearing denim in other ways than jeans, such as a dress or skirt. There are lots of interesting ways to wear denim aside from your trusty jeans this season.

Denim shirtdress with zipper

Denim shirtdress

This denim dress might be controversial, but I included it here, for fun (and who doesn’t love a bit of controversy). This can be dressed up or down and is comfortable and versatile. I would add a belt to this to define the waist. There is elastic that gathers at the back and defines you a bit, but nothing in the front.

I’d wear loafers, boots, sandals, or tennis shoes with this dress. The denim adds a touch of modernity to this classic silhouette. The zipper up the front is edgy and when lowered creates more of an effortless look. If you’re looking for something different this spring, grab this dress or something like it. You won’t be disappointed.

Denim skirts

light wash denim midi skirt.
Light wash denim midi skirt

A denim skirt, but not a miniskirt. This is a midi-length denim skirt that is looser fitting, in soft cotton denim. It’s a lighter wash, if you want darker there are some options on the site as well. This is a casual skirt that would be great for Friday at work. I’d pair it with a t-shirt, cotton sweater, or floral blouse.

belted denim skirt with slit in the front.Midi length. Great addition to your spring capsule wardrobe.
Belted denim skirt

A dressier skirt option is this fitted and belted skirt. Pair this with an oxford shirt, blazer, and loafers for a more corporate style. Or, a t-shirt and sandals. The darker color is nice and the slim style of this is a more sculpted look.

What do I need for a spring capsule wardrobe?

A capsule spring wardrobe for 2023 can be simple and straightforward. You have your 8 essentials in place. Then add your layers, pants, blouses, skirts, and dresses in spring colors like blue, pink, green, or yellow. Then choose one of these styles that I discussed here as your statement piece for your wardrobe. The standout in your capsule that will go with everything but do anything but blend in. This is the easy way to flesh out and refresh your capsule spring 2023 wardrobe.



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