Calling all women over 50 who want to regain their style without spending lots of extra time or money

get the how to build a capsule wardrobe guide and turn the clothes you already have into outfits that you love to wear


    you get to leave the house in your defined style after you follow my simple 3-step capsule wardrobe method. the guide shows you:

    • how to build a system for getting dressed with the clothes you already own

    • the best strategies to tame closet overwhelm

    • the #1 thing you need to organize your closet

    No more stressing about what to wear. Grab your guide now.

      What you'll get

      • a simple checklist of the basic items you need to create your capsule wardrobe

      • vision boards of various styles (preppy, bohemian, classic etc) so you can see how this system works no matter what your style is

      • specific steps to flesh out your capsule wardrobe with layers, colors, patterns, and accessories

      “The capsule wardrobe gives me great basics that always make me feel confident and polished. Getting dressed is so much easier after working with Kim!”

      — MEGAN

      “You made such a difference in my life. Thank you so much for inspiring me with this guide!”


      About your style coach

      I show women how to dress. I do so by making sure they know how to wear clothes for their body type, give them the tools to create a unique style using style concepts, and I start most clients with a capsule wardrobe. All of my 1:1 clients want results that are fast and easy. They want to look good, but not take forever to get there and not spend a fortune doing so. The capsule wardrobe is the best way to achieve these goals. Grab the number one tool I use in my business with my 1:1 clients, right now, for free.