The perfect chic coats for women over 50—the maxi coat

This post covers a chic coat trend for women over 50 this season—maxi coats.

Me in my “vintage” maxi coat

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Maxi coats are a trend this year, and perfect for women over 50. This is such a sophisticated way to feel and look stylish all winter long. The length of the coat is elongating, and you can have your PJs underneath and still look like you belong on the cover of Vogue. 

This is a trend, but based on how challenging it was for me to find a handful of these, it’s at the beginning of the trend cycle. Meaning next year, these coats will be everywhere! So grab yours now so you can be cutting edge, and get the most wear possible out of your coat.

I am asked all the time how to look stylish when it’s cold outside. I tell my clients to focus on outerwear. To have a beautiful coat to keep you warm and looking good. For all my cold climate beauties, this is it. This is the coat that can take you through the winter looking chic, stylish, and on-trend. 

What is a maxi coat?

Much like a maxi dress or skirt, it’s a longer-style coat. It should be longer than your calf and hit above your ankles. 

The focus of this article is to show you a similar item at 4 different price points. This shows that no matter what your budget is, you can be a part of this trend and wear this look. 

How do you style a maxi coat? 

Choose a classic color for your maxi coat. Colors such as camel, navy, or black. This makes the piece more timeless, and the neutral color will work with more of your wardrobe. It also doesn’t scream trend, it says current and it has more staying power. 

Keep the rest of your look minimal and streamlined. Because these are oversized you want to make sure what you have on is sleek and well-fitting. It keeps the focus on your beautiful coat. This piece is a great addition to anyone who has a capsule wardrobe.

I would also suggest you wear this with everything. From jeans and a t-shirt to your fanciest outfit. It’s an easy way to uplevel a basic look and keeps up with a dressier style.

Some of my favorite chic coats for women over 50 this season

Cos camel coat

This simple no button coat is so pretty. A wrap coat is not for everyone, but if it works for your body type and lifestyle, it’s elegant and timeless. This one looks more expansive than it is.

Favorite Daughter camel coat

This is a stunning classic camel coat with few inches added to the bottom, it’s the hot trend this winter. This will uplevel anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a topper over your formal holiday wear. 

Ralph Lauren camel coat

This classic single-button camel coat by a classic designer is perfect. It’s tailored at the waist so the jacket doesn’t overwhelm your body. It’s also a great price. 

Amazon double breasted camel coat

Double breasted suit style coat. To elevate this jacket a tad more you could change out the buttons. It’s important to note that this is not wool, but still a warm cozy coat that allows you to partake in this trend if you’re on a tighter wardrobe budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money on this type of coat.

Can you wear this trend if you are petite?

Anyone can wear any trend that they have their heart set on. That being said, this trend might be more challenging to pull off if you’re petite. I did find a petite version of a maxi coat, I would also try to find a coat that isn’t oversized in general. This will help minimize the vibe of I’m wearing my mother’s coat. If you’re petite I would also try to steer clear of wrap coats. They add bulk and more volume to the coat and can overwhelm a smaller frame. See below for a petite option. The boucle texture makes this unique.

Boucle petite maxi coat

Maxi coats for different climates

I don’t talk a lot about trends here, because they can be a waste of money. But every once in a while something catches my eye and I think, I’ve gotta have it. If this is one of those for you, you’ve got some great ideas now. This is especially true for those who live in colder climates. These chic coats for women over 50 are made for cold climates.

For those of you who live in a moderate climate make sure that this is in lighter wool or a trench style. This way it’s not too warm but you still get the vibe of the look. The one I’m in is vintage. By vintage I mean it’s been in my closet for over 20 years. It’s now back in style. I wore it when I lived in San Francisco and dressed for my corporate job. I don’t have one of those anymore, so you’ll most likely see me wearing this with jeans or cords and boots.



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