Take your outfit from so-so to sizzling with this fun color trend

Want to hear about the latest color trends in fashion that are predicted for 2022? Read ahead to find out.

color trends in fashion this year are vibrant saturated colors. This plate of citrus fruit displays vibrant color with contrast between flesh and skin
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Dopamine dressing.

It’s not for your salad. It’s a way to dress that involves bold, saturated colors from top to bottom. It’s believed that dressing this way improves your mood.

This is a Pinterest 2022 prediction for color trends in fashion. They base their predictions on search terms entered by users and they have seen a huge increase in the following terms being searched:

Fuschia dress outfit
Electric blue outfit
Vibrant outfit
Gradient dressing

Does wearing bold colors really change your mood?

In response to the last 2 years of cancellations, disappointments, and wearing neutral-colored sweats while at home, seems we are looking to take bold risks in the form of colorful clothing to make us feel pleasure, motivation, and satisfaction—dopamine hits.

Sounds like fun to me, and you know I’m a firm believer that clothes affect your mood. For better or worse.

Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. Go put on a pretty party dress, or your best-fitting pair of jeans and favorite blouse and see how your mood shifts and how much you get done after the wardrobe change.

I don’t always wear a lot of color. And the color I do wear is usually muted. But I’m going for it this year. I’m going to invest in a few fun pieces that are bright and bold and make me happy. And I’m going to wear these items to dinners at home, lunches with friends, running errands, or school pick-up. I’m not waiting for a “special event”. I want to wear my clothes now and I give you permission to do the same.

Will this work with my capsule wardrobe?

If you have a capsule wardrobe a blast of vibrant color is easy to work in. You can add a few pieces with bold pops of color, or create an entire bold color capsule. Up to you, but if you love color, this is your year to shine.

If you’re not sure which colors look good on you, start with jewel tones. These are pretty much universally flattering tones. Hold the color up to your face and see if it makes your eyes brighter. That’s the quick way to determine a good color for you.

A few items that I have my eye on

This selection of sweaters and pants is so fun and full of vibrant color. This turned out to be a mini bold color capsule wardrobe you can interchange all of the tops and bottoms. While the green cashmere sweater and track pants with a bold green stripe down the side would be great for casual Friday at the office. The hot pink sweater and green gingham pants are the perfect around-town preppy outfit. This bold orange sweater and bright green wide-leg pants are the most vibrant outfit of them all. It also has a retro vibe.

Don’t forget about accessories. This hot pink number is fab on it’s own, but pair it with brightly colored blue sunglasses and green/blue earrings and you’ve got yourself a vibrant outfit. Even if you wore these two items with a neutral colored dress, it would be a nod to this color trend. And adding in other bold colors takes the whole outfit up a notch.

This rainbow-colored pom-pom sweater would be darling with jeans but paired with any color of pants from the sweater and it’s a bold style/color move. These yellow cords are a fun option but red, purple, or green would be great as well.

I realize this look may be harder to pull from your closet, if you’re like me and don’t have bold color like this. But start there to see what you do have. If going full on color head-to-toe doesn’t feel comfortable, dabble at first. Throw a few pops of color in to your neutral outfit using accessories. Think scarves, shoes, earring, bracelets, etc. But most importantly, have fun with this.





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