Dresses for Thanksgiving dinner

This post shares some great dresses you can wear for Thanksgiving dinner and beyond. All of these are great as we transition into fall and the holiday season.

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Don’t you hate when you go school supply shopping in July (which itself is insane), only to see Halloween items on the shelves? And a week or two later when you go back to get the protractor that was left off the list (voice of experience talking) you find Thanksgiving stuff?

Or Christmas swag at Costco in October? I have a hard and fast rule around Christmas decor and music—nothing before December 1st. My kids try to re-negotiate this each holiday season.

The rush to get through all of these holidays causes a pile up at the end of the year. You feel like all you do is eat, drink, and get dressed up. We don’t get to celebrate individual holidays and enjoy them without rushing off to set up for the next one.

While I try to give each individual holiday its own time to shine, I do realize the need to plan some things ahead, like your outfit. You can’t wait until October 28th to shop for your Halloween costume.

Inspiration for Thanksgiving dinner dresses

So with that in mind, I bring you dresses for Thanksgiving dinner now, 6 weeks before the actual holiday. This gives you time to review, order, try on, return, and re-shop if needed. Or time to look through your closet to put something together that you already own and if needed shop for accessories to freshen things up.

These dresses are also great transitional wear. These long warm summers that carry on into fall don’t allow you to bust out your sweaters on September 21st. We need to ease into the season and account for the temperature changes that happen in a single day.

I also tried to find dresses that you can wear to dinner, lunch, the office and date night. Versatility is key with almost everything I buy and a dress for Thanksgiving dinner is no different.

Let me see allllll the dresses

Sets are all the rage this season. This purple plaid one is a great way to get in on this trend, and find a great Thanksgiving dinner outfit. You can get lots of different wear out of the two pieces. It looks like a dress when worn together, but the top with jeans, the skirt with a white blouse—so many options of how to wear these pieces. My favorite remains as a set. This will be a great set for now, and you can pull this back out for the spring.

This boxy peacock blue turtleneck dress is the perfect Thanksgiving dress. Warm, loose fit, goes perfectly with boots. I would wear a cognac or brown over black as shown here, but this dress is ideal for this food-focused holiday. This would work with heels and dressier earrings for a night on the town, or tennis shoes and a pair of hoops for running errands. Versatile, rich color, and easy to wear, this one is a no-brainer. 

The sheerness of this navy dress definitely makes it unique. If wearing in the office you can use a dark cami up top, the bottom is lined so that it’s more office-appropriate. But for Thanksgiving, date night, or girls’ night out you can wear a dark or skin-colored bra to play up the sheerness. I love the navy as an alternate for black. The tie at the neck provides lots of different ways to wear this: untied, loose tie, wrapped around your neck. Click through to see the various ways to wear this and for a full view of the midi dress.

How to find your perfect Thanksgiving dinner dress

Start in your closet. Dig around and see what you have in there that you can freshen up with jewelry, shoes, a scarf, or fun shoes. If you don’t come up with anything, then you can do a little shopping. But give yourself time so you don’t rush, or feel frazzled by finding what to wear. Finding the right dress isn’t alway easy, but when you find a good one, it’s worth the work.

What are you wearing for Thanksgiving dinner this year? Let me know in the comments below. Happy planning.





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