yay! your confident closet guide is on it’s way to you!

Now that you have your checklist for how to build a capsule wardrobe, I want to show you new ways to wear the clothes you already own, watch the video below.

Grab the Closet Concierge for just $27 on this page only and be on your way to complete style confidence.

what’s included:

outfit recommendations that will transform your whole look without purchasing one item of clothing

a process for creating your unique style

tangible steps on what to wear and how to wear it for a pulled together look

These four 10 minute videos will have you saying goodbye to frump and hello to stylish.

“Kim helped me use the clothes I already had, and she put them together in ways I hadn’t considered before. It was so nice to know I didn’t have to buy a new wardrobe!” -Megan



“I feel more polished with a belt and one or two well-placed accessories. Now I have new ideas about how to pull everything together.” -Mia

 Who is Kim and why should I trust her?

If you don’t know me, my name is Kim Hancher and I teach women how to dress. I’ve been doing this my whole life really. I’m that friend you invite to shop for a special occasion outfit, something to wear for an interview, or on that hot date. After 25+ years as a successful, and burnt out, sales professional, I decided to make my role as a style consultant official. I’m now a style coach and I work 1:1 with women teaching them how to create their unique style, to dress their body type, and to incorporate my style concepts for a polished, pulled together look—every time! My clients walk away confident and feeling good. This three pronged approach is simple, attainable, and it works.