A capsule wardrobe for fall 2022: sophisticated and fun

Set your fall capsule wardrobe worries aside. This post will show you how to create one with ease.

Sample fall 2022 capsule wardrobe

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Summer is wrapping up (even though it’s still hot as hell here), the kids are in school, and all the fall sports are in 4th gear. It’s a sign that you need to get your fall wardrobe whipped into shape, too.

I know the task of getting your fall closet sorted out can sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Your fall wardrobe can be simple, easy to refresh, and make you feel good, sophisticated, and stylish. A bit of pre-planning and the fall wardrobe dream can be yours.

It’s as simple as compiling a fall capsule wardrobe.

How do you build a fall capsule wardrobe?

For details on how to build your basic essentials, read this post where I go into detail about the 8 essential pieces. Today I am talking about how to flesh out your fall capsule wardrobe with extra layers, pants, and accessories. I’m using neutral colors for my example with pops of bright green. Everything I’m adding has a fall vibe. I am building it out so that everything in this capsule works with everything else. A well-curated set of clothes is easy to dress from, but still gives us plenty of variety.

What items should be included in a fall capsule wardrobe?

This is based on your lifestyle. Some people love pants, some only wear dresses or skirts. You may be: going into an office; working from home; staying home and running your household. Make sure that the clothes you add to your fall capsule are clothes that you will wear on a day-to-day basis. Here are the things I’m using for the capsule today:

  • Black loose-fit pants
  • Black slip skirt
  • Striped sweater
  • Sweater vest
  • Knit sweater dress
  • Blazer
  • Printed blouse
  • White blouses
  • Flared jeans
  • Dress
  • Boots
  • Purses

Fall Capsule wardrobe for 2022

When you have your 8 essential pieces in place, you can have some fun with the seasonal pieces you add. What I’m including today are a few trends and some classics but all have a fall feel.

I outlined each item and why it’s included here. For details on each piece, you can click the link below the photo or on the photo itself.


A blazer is a great third piece that ties the whole outfit together and elevates everything. This one has a distinct Chanel vibe, which makes me love it even more, and the white makes it refreshing for fall. This is also an easy piece to pair with your summer dresses that you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to.

white tweed blazer cropped with black trim. Perfect piece for a fall capsule wardrobe.
White tweed blazer with black trim


You know I love a good dress. Which is why I included all three, I would wear all these all the time. These are basic, neutral, and will go with everything. All the items in this capsule work with these three and you can add textured or opaque tights as it gets cooler. You can add a sweater or blazer over the slip dress. This dress is cut on the bias, so it’s very flattering. Pair the sheath with a white ruffled collared blouse. . Or, wear a belt and tall boots with the sweater dress for a full fall vibe.

White blouse

You can never have too many of these in your closet. Fall is a great time to replace your old one or add one with some feminine details like a large collar with a ruffle. This basic item is a classic. A blank slate waiting for you to add your personality in the form of accessories and styling.

Printed blouse

Adding in a pretty print is a great way to sprinkle some color and seasonality into your capsule. I’m the green hues with the warm browns and neutrals make this very fall.

Paisley printed blouse in green, brown
Patterned blouse

Black Skirt and Pants

Both of these items are a true staple and classic capsule wardrobe piece. But these two have some 2022 flare. Slip skirts are everywhere this year, and the popularity of baggy pants rages on. These are great basic pieces to add to your fall capsule wardrobe.


A sweater in your fall capsule is a must-have. I shared great options in last week’s post that you can choose from. But also want to include a classic piece and a fun fall trend in this fall capsule wardrobe.

Stripes are forever in style, this sweater with the half zip makes it a tad more on-trend. The sweater vest is still having a moment and this color is beautiful. This bold green color is everywhere for fall.


Fall calls for a great tote. A bag where you can store layers before and after you need them. This bucket bag in navy or hobo style tote in olive can do the trick for you. Both are available in many colors, but these subtle pops of color are a great way to uplevel your look.


Last week I wrote about the loafers and oxfords I had my eye on, for this week I’m including boots. Short or tall you decide, but get a pair and wear them. These will work with everything and become more essential as the season cools off.

Western boots are all the rage, but I’m still trying to figure out how these would fit in my wardrobe. The taller western pair is cool and if you want to go bold, they come in turquoise. The shorter pair is a more subtle nod to the western vibe which is a way to dip your toe in the western style.

But if you’re like me and want something a touch more classic, you’ve got options. I included two here: a shorter dark brown boot, that comes a bit higher than your ankle for this season; and a tall pair in black. Which never goes out of style and is a great fall wardrobe staple.


Try a new silhouette this season. There are so many that are “in” right now. Flared, boot leg, straight leg. Try something different, you may looks and feels good may surprise you.

Flared medium wash jeans

Putting your capsule wardrobe all together

Here are a few visuals of how these pieces can all work together to give you a stylish and easy fall capsule wardrobe. Again, make this your own, add what you want, and take away things that don’t work for you. Having a set of clothes that all work together as we head into the new season will make getting dressed painless and assure you look stylish every day.

Black slip dress/ white tweed blazer/ white cotton shirt/ green sweater vest/ black slip skirt/striped sweater/tall black boots/ short western style boots
Striped sweater, black pants, floral printed blouse, green sweater vest, white cotton shirt, short brown boots, navy blue suede tote show a cohesive fall capsule wardrobe
Striped sweater/ black pants/ patterned blouse/ green sweater vest/ white cotton shirt/ navy suede tote/ short dark brown boots

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