Fashion gadgets that will have you looking your best

Fashion gadgets. Those things that make fashion and your style easier to achieve but they are not clothes or accessories. This post shares my current must haves.


We all love them. 

That thing-a-ma-jiggy that automatically opens your aluminum cans without an ounce of effort on your part. Who has time to hand crank a can open?

The electric wine opener. If I had a dime for every time I had to push a half-broken cork back into the wine after a failed attempt at hand opening a bottle of wine, I’d be living on a private tropical island.

My rubber husband. The silicon no-slip jar opener for those of us with weak hands. I called it this before I had an actual husband. I use my rubber husband when my real-life one isn’t around to open a jar for me. There is enough room in my heart for both of them.  

My point is, we all have gadgets that make our lives easier. Get us to our end goal faster and with less frustration. 

The same goes for fashion. There are fashion gadgets that simplify things, make our clothes look and fit better.

Today I gathered up my fave fashion gadgets to share with you. Take a look and snap up anything that seems to fit a need you have.

The micro stitcher my super secret fashion gadget

For those times when you want to:

  • Wear a regular bra you can micro-stitch the straps of a dress or top to your bra straps
  • Change the hem of your pants to accommodate different shoe heights
  • Wear a blouse that cuts too low for comfort or the event
  • Change the hemline of a skirt

The micro-stitcher is the tool to make a quick adjustment without a trip to the tailor. The stitch is small so it’s easy to cut out when you want to make a change. So if you don’t want to make a permanent change in a garment, pull this baby out then stitch and go.

 Lint brush

Everyone needs a lint brush. I actually have them stashed in a few places. My bathroom, mudroom (which is the last room I’m in before I leave the house) and in my car. My favorites are these simple “brushes” made from tape. They pick up all the stuff and then some.

tape lint rollers are one of my favorite fashion gadgets
Tape lint rollers

My favorite use these days is to remove fake grass aka turf from my kids’ school fleeces and soccer socks. Whoever decided to replace all sports fields with turf, didn’t have kids. Or at least kids like mine who roll from one of the fields to the other on their way to class or home from practice. These are my fave brand of tape lint brushes.

Sweater shavers, the ultimate fashion gadgets

No matter how much you spend on your sweaters, they will eventually pill. It will take some, usually the higher priced ones, longer to do so but eventually they all ball up. The only way to combat this is to remove the pills so that your sweaters look fresh again. I have three recommendations for you.

The Conair Sweater Shaver is an electric tool that quickly and effortlessly removes pills. This works best on natural fibers. It’s easy to use and gets the job done fast. Be sure to grab the rechargeable version. 

A sweater comb. This one by Naadam is great for natural fibers. While the outcome is pretty similar to the electric shaver, you have to put a bit more elbow grease to get the end result you’re looking for. It’s a great price, would be perfect for travel, and easy enough to try out. 

The Gleener. This is a cult favorite and with good reason. It’s another hand-operated gadget that comes with three different interchangeable edges to safely depill sweaters, coats, sofas, and fabrics of all types. The other end of this depiller is a lint brush. This fashion gadget does it all, and with no batteries or charging required.

Spot cleaner

While this last one isn’t necessarily a gadget, it does extend the life of your clothes and make things look better. A great spot cleaner is important to keep on hand for those tough stains that can ruin your most treasured garments. This wash and stain bar by The Laundress is easy to store under the sink or throw in your purse if you’re prone to stains. Simply wet the stain as soon as you can, rub the bar on the stain then wash as you normally would. Easy as can be. 

stain bar soap that helps with spot cleaning this is a secret weapon and fashion gadget

The Laundress also has some great specialty laundry soaps. They have delicate for your underpinnings and silk items, a cashmere and wool cleaner for your sweaters, and a sports detergent for your technical wear that needs special attention as that sweat-wicking material can get really stinky. You can get a starter kit with all the different options to see which you prefer. 

set of 4 different specialized laundry soaps that can be considered a fashion gadget

These are my top 4 must-have fashion gadgets that make life easier to style. Let me know in the comments if you have a secret weapon or a can’t live without fashion gadget. I’m always looking to expand my collection.





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