Feng Shui your home layout to make room for new and exciting things

Learn how to Feng Shui your home layout for something you want in your life with my interview of Jen Walthers, Feng Shui Consultant and Self-Care Mentor

Photographs of rooms trying to use Feng Shui for home layout.

I have a friend who had her kids 10 years before me. I was a late bloomer on several fronts.

When I was still single, we’d be on the phone and she was hiding in her pantry from her kids to chat on the phone in peace.

I’m embarrassed to say this but, I judged her. Well maybe not judged her, but I certainly did not understand why she would do that. As a single person, I had ALLLL the time in the world to myself and couldn’t fathom hiding from someone that was in my house. I would have been so excited to have another human to chat and hang with all those years ago.

Now that I have a full house: husband, twin tweens, and a puppy, I 100% understand the need to hide in the pantry to take a phone call. I try to find secret spots in my house to do so, but it just doesn’t happen. There is no space in my house to be alone. 

Or, so I thought.

Feng Shui your home layout for what you want in your life

I started reading about Feng Shui and was led to a consultant in the field while in one of my business groups. Funny how the Universe guides you to what you need. 

I’m so happy to have met Jen Walthers and be the recipient of her vast knowledge around Feng Shui and self-care and understanding how the two are related.

Jen has taught me that the things which fill my home create energy. And with the proper flow of energy, you can create space for anything. Including privacy.

How do we learn more about this Feng Shui goodness

Jen’s official title is Feng Shui Consultant and Self-Care Mentor and she agreed to speak to me while I recorded our conversation, so that I could share it with you!

We talk about:

-The importance of Feng Shui in your closet

-Who would benefit from Feng Shui (it might be you)

-Her top 3 (no appointment required) self-care tips

She is very data and research-driven and talks about the science behind the benefits of Feng Shui and self-care.

Take a listen below. If you love Jen as much as I do, head to her website, get on her email list and follow her on social media. All links to do so are below the video chat.

How to learn more about Feng Shui for your home and life

So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. Jen is such a wealth of knowledge and a voice of calm and reason. 

If you want more of her in your world, you can find and hang with her at the following places:

Website: modernmaenads.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/modernmaenads/

Tell me in the comments below, what is your biggest takeaway from listening to Jen? 

Mine is that colors have energy, and we can choose the colors we wear to change our mood depending on the day. 

I’m in a green mood today, and really always, but at least I understand why now and there is intention behind the color choice. 

Please share with a friend who needs to make room for something in her life.





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