Purses that will make you cry tears of joy

We were at Le Colonial, upstairs lounge, 7:30ish on a Friday night in 2004.

The lounge was full of low slung furniture, including tables. My then-boyfriend, now husband, accidentally knocked a full double vodka and soda from one of the tables upside down into a purse that was parked right next to it.

Lime, straw, ice, all of the liquid, and the glass itself dumped into her bag. I watched the whole thing happen. Mortified and not knowing what to do, he handed me the purse.

My husband is terrified of purses. Avoids them at all costs.

They are mysterious to him. Deep dark places where we women hide all of our secrets.

Or so he thinks.

A purse is so much more than a vessel to carry or hide things. It’s a style statement and can change the mood of any look.

So as you head to the grocery store, school drop off, or to pick up your to-go order, throw one of these beauties below over your shoulder or under your arm. Keep your look fun (the word for January) even if the only places we can go right now are anything but.

Oh and about that purse at the bar. We loosely knew the woman who owned the bag. She was a few cocktails in by the time the incident occurred, and after a clean up of sorts by yours truly,  wasn’t too upset. I’m sure she felt differently in the morning when she found that lime wedge in her wallet.

Image 1-8-21 at 11.55 AM.jpg
Green again, yep I’m a fan of the color, and this bag. What makes this different (and fun) is the faux croc texture. Great for all day outings as it holds tons of stuff.
Image 1-8-21 at 11.56 AM 2.jpg
This goes with everything. Add to any outfit for that notable item that takes your outfit up a notch.
Image 1-22-21 at 3.39 PM.jpg
Everyone needs a fun grocery shopping bag, and this company delivers. Lots of different patterns and colors to choose from. This would also be a good pool bag, summer is coming….
Image 1-25-21 at 10.54 AM.jpg
Clare V bags never disappoint. This one is fun and practical all at the same time. The stripes and the suede make this classic style bag edgy


Image 1-21-21 at 11.35 AM.jpg
I swear my Nana had this bag in 4 different colors. The retro shape and the modern pony hair make this a great piece to add to jeans and a t-shirt to elevate that everyday look.

What fun bags do you have stashed away in your closet? Go grab them, use them, wear them on regular everyday outings. It will make a difference and it’s building your muscle for incorporating fun purses into your looks.

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