How to make your everyday wardrobe fun

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ll be 50. 

I felt physical discomfort typing that number. It’s pretty surreal to me.

I’m supposed to be in Mexico right now working on my tan, even though I’m never anything but appliance white.

Drink in my hand without a worry in the world, this last part never happens.

But thanks to a global pandemic, I’m sitting at home doing…..nothing.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’ve decided to try to infuse little bits of fun into my everyday life this month. Wanna join me? I have declared that “Fun” is my word of the month for January, so here we go!

As I frequently say and believe wholeheartedly, your clothes affect your mood. So each day I’m choosing to add a fun element to my outfit. Sparkly earrings, mix items that I normally wouldn’t, or wear something that feels a tad out of my comfort zone. It’s easier to do this when you are staying home, but it’s good practice and a safe way to form new wardrobe habits.

For example, I purchased a vegan leather high waisted skirt. When this was a trend 20 years ago it was called pleather for plastic leather, which is exactly what it was. Totally unbreathable, skin tight plastic. We’ve gone PC and now it’s vegan leather, giving the skirt it’s proper dues I guess?? I wore it with a vintage t-shirt, booties, and a multi-strand faux pearl necklace. Adding the unexpected element of pearls took this outfit into the fun zone.

There are a number of ways to make your look fun, but for today we are focusing on how you can use jewelry to add zest to your outfit. I pulled some examples for you to get the ideas flowing. Additional details can be found by clicking the photos.

Image 1-8-21 at 12.18 PM.jpg
Adding a big bold earring like this to anything, screams fun. These would be great with a patterned blouse that is in the same color way, jeans and a turtleneck, or even with your cute new sweat suit you received for Christmas.

Image 1-11-21 at 10.15 AM.jpg
These do not disappoint in the fun department. These would be great with a heavily patterned blouse that has one or more of these same jewel tones.

Image 1-11-21 at 10.31 AM.jpg
Sometimes the fun item can be something that just makes you smile, like this ring. While its impact may be less on your overall outfit, I guarantee that when someone notices it, you’ll get compliments or at least comments.

Image 1-8-21 at 12.04 PM.jpg
This is a new company for me. They def have fun nailed. These earrings come in three different color combinations, and I love the contrast in the colors as well as the different materials. The mix of elements and colors makes for a fun earring.

Image 1-8-21 at 12.10 PM.jpg
Add to a white blouse and you have a conversation stopping (or starting) outfit.

The pearls with the rhinestones on fabric make this a classic and edgy piece all at once. Pair this with your leather jacket and jeans, or with a silk blouse and a skirt. This necklace goes both ways and can add that bit of spice or sweet to your outfit.

Now, use these as examples of how each day you can have some fun with your outfit by adding in the right jewelry. Even if you’re just sitting at home, even if it’s just sweats you’re wearing. I promise you are building new habits so that when you do leave your house, you will add in that fun last item that takes your outfit over the top. Start with the items that you reserve for special occasions, it’s probably a gold mine of fun pieces. Now is a special occasion (I just called it), wear them today.

Let me know how you are incorporating fun jewels into your wardrobe. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Next blog, I’ll discuss ways to use your shoes to add fun to your outfit. You won’t want to miss that one. What woman doesn’t love shoes?? None I know.

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