How to add shoes for fun in your outfit of the day

My best friend and college/post-college roommate and I wore the same size shoe. 


We shared our shoes all the time and built outfits around the other person’s collection. So much so that when she moved to a different state, we used to ship each other shoes. She had a big date one night and needed these black chunky sandals I owned, so I shipped them to her. It was the first date, she had to have the right shoes. Duh.

Two broke girls spending $20 a pop to ship $100 dollar shoes back and forth. Makes a ton of sense. Well, not really but it is a good example of how important the right pair of shoes is to your outfit, and more importantly, your confidence. She needed those sandals to slay on her date.

Sticking with the theme of fun for January, I have some great shoes to share with you that bring the fun vibe to any old outfit you might put on. There are casual, loungy, and dressier options for wherever life may take you. Practice adding in a pop of color, bold style, or something notable with your shoes. I guarantee people will take note.

Image 1-8-21 at 11.54 AM.jpg
Total sucker for green and these are perfect shade. Add these to jeans and a sweater for a great look. Perfect with skirts and dressed, or throw them on with your velvet joggers left over from the holidays.

Image 1-15-21 at 9.34 AM.jpg
These are currently pre-order only, but so fun! These can be worn now at home with your lounge wear and come spring and summer, you can hit the streets in style.


Image 1-15-21 at 9.05 AM.jpg
Reasons I love these shoes: pattern, color, square toe and buckle. So fun, so different. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from on the brand site. So cute. Pair with jeans and a t-shirt and you have an amazing outfit.

Image 1-15-21 at 9.18 AM.jpg
Patent leather red boots. Add these to ANYTHING for instant fun.

Image 1-15-21 at 9.17 AM.jpg
No excuses for not wearing these. You can wear these with sweats, jeans, or dresses. Consider your pop of fun added once you lace these up.

Image 1-8-21 at 11.53 AM.jpg
I just love these. They come in 4 colors and scream , I’m here to party. My kids hate them, which makes me love them even more. I can picture these with jeans, a pretty dress, your loungewear. These just need to be worn.

Now, go to your closet. Dig out your colorful, unusual shoes, and wear them. Even if it’s just in your house. Get in the habit now, it will be easier when you do leave the house more to add the fun shoes that make your everyday outfits stand out.

Next up, fun bags. Oh yes, all kinds for all different types of events. Keep an eye out for next week’s blog post.

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