How to look festive even when spending your holidays at home

We’re getting a puppy.

Yes, type A, neat-nick, don’t get my white carpet dirty, yours truly is getting a puppy.

My girls have been begging for a dog.

This summer they gave a Google Slides presentation on the subject that contained the following:

  • photos of the breed they’d identified as perfect for our family, a Coton de Tulear

  • a list of all the chores they would do for the dog (ya right)

  • an explanation of how they’d pitch in their Amazon gift cards to help pay for all the supplies needed. (I’ve yet to see one of these come out when purchasing dog items)

But the slide that got me, had just one word on it— PLEASE.

I started to tear up a bit. They really want this.

The next day they wrote and performed a song about wanting a dog.

I caved.

Then my husband caved.

We contacted a couple of breeders, got on their list, and made our specific request for a tri-colored female dog.

Well, all these months later we are getting an all white male puppy.

Nothing we asked for, and we couldn’t be more excited.

It kinda feels like the holidays this year. No parties to attend, no real reason to dress up, and almost every holiday tradition is canceled.

None of us are getting anything we expected or wanted, but you can still make the best of it. Set a festive and bright mood. The easiest way to change your vibration, is with how you dress. So, I’ve pulled together outfits that are celebratory, but comfortable, for holidays at home so you can get your party started.

Of course, if you want to wear your cocktail dress while at home, by all means, I support that. Nothing wrong with wearing a party dress and having no party to go to, ever. These are just options.

I found items that you can wear through the winter, and some to keep in your holiday collection for next year when we can all hit the party circuit again. Click the photos to be taken to the land of purchasing.

Holiday (1).png
This dress is the perfect stay at home holiday outfit. Comfy, room to expand from food and drink, fun mod style, and that color. Add a pair of sparkle earring, and a bracelet (this one is a great price) and you’re ready to hit the zoom party.

These velvet joggers are everything. So cute paired with this pearl embellished sweater or the sequin top below. Just add some sparkly house shoes and go.

Okay, sequin joggers, who knew this was a thing, but I love them. They would look great with the above velvet t-shirt or the off the shoulder top below. These could be dressed up at a later date by adding heels, but would be equally as cute with house shoes for your stay-at- home celebration.

There you have it. You’ve landed somewhere between a pair of sweats and formal attire in any of these outfits. I think it achieves a festive yet comfortable vibe.

Go take a look in your closet. I bet you have a dress that would be perfect if you added sparkly earrings and flats. You may need to buy the sequin joggers, not sure if many have those on hand, but you might have something equivalent, so pull that out and wear it.

I hope I’ve inspired you to find a great outfit for your holidays at home and that you truly take time to celebrate this season, even though it will be different, there’s still something special about it.

I’ll send photos of the puppy once we pick him up this weekend. That is soon…. yikes!

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