How to effectively and naturally minimize perimenopause symptoms

I had an aerobics teacher, Paula.

In the deepest throes of class she would yell out, “if you don’t squeeze it, nobody else will.”

She was talking about our booties. And she was right.

The word of the month for February is self-love. If you don’t love yourself, others won’t either, at least not in the way you deserve. It starts with you and the effort you put in.

Aerobics’ lessons being applied to real-life. 

The root of self-love is self-care. Loving yourself enough to take care of your body, mind, and spirit so that you can take care of others. It is so important. 

The type of self-care you need varies based on your season of life. Today I’m speaking with a woman who can help you navigate the rough seas of perimenopause and menopause and deliver the self-care you deserve. Bonus— it’s all natural! 

Susana Pulles is an acupuncturist who practices functional medicine. She helps turn stressed, overworked women into healthy, sexy mamas so they can enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard for. She focuses on perimenopause and menopause and has a plethora of ideas, tips, and tricks to help you feel better as you go through this stage of your life. 

This is not your mother’s menopause ladies. We do not need to suffer through the symptoms. There is help, it’s natural, and a lot of the relief can come from the food you eat. How easy is that?

In our interview, we discuss two big perimenopause topics, sleep (or lack of), and belly bulge. These are both hormone-related and can be alleviated. 


So without further ado, I encourage you to check out the video below for tips and tricks on how to deal with your mid-life symptoms.

If you’d like to learn more about Susan and how you can work with her, her contact details and current free offerings are below. She works virtually so she can help you, no matter where you are located.

Her website is:

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I hope you take some time for yourself each day to feel better and refreshed. You deserve it.

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