How to Find the Best House Shoes of the Season


There it was, the size 11 black strappy sandal proudly placed on the ledge above their kitchen sink. Last week it was on the fireplace mantel like some kind of trophy. These boys.

Several months earlier it was my Birthday celebration. This was 2005 and was a combination of my then-boyfriend now husband’s friends and mine meeting out for dinner at Tommaso’s and drinks at 15 Romolo in San Francisco. Yes, I capitalized Birthday to give it the respect it deserves. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big fan of personal holidays. 

Anyway, there was a shortage of cabs at the end of the night, this was pre-uber, so basically the stone age. My friend Nancy (names have been changed to protect the not so innocent) couldn’t catch one to save her life. 

In an act of chivalry, two of Jay’s (boyfriend turned husband) friends offered Nancy a ride home, appreciative she hopped in the rental car. 

They stopped at an all night eatery for a bite, but Nancy wanted to head home, so they parted ways, she hailed a cab and took off. 

The next day when they guys returned the vehicle to Avis, the man who was checking their car back in returned into the lobby/checkout counter from the car with a shoe he had found. 

“This yours?” He asked the guys.


It was Nancy’s size 11 black heeled sandal. Sort of a Cinderella story gone wrong. I don’t know how she got out of the car, walked down a city street and hopped into a cab without realizing she only had one shoe on, but she did. 

This shoe was on display in their apartment for years. One of them may still have it somewhere. Not sure.

The point of the story is, shoes are important and can have a long-lasting effect on your legacy—good or bad.

Let’s make sure your shoe game is a strong one. Check out these house shoes. Yes, this is a fancy term for slippers, but I think 2020 has given us good reason to have this new category of footwear. You’re home, so much more, yet want to look as if you could head out at any moment. You want to wear a complete outfit, but not uncomfortable high heels or work shoes. 

If you’re like me and don’t wear shoes in your house, you need a few options to keep your feet warm and arches supported. For all of these reasons and more, I present you with a selection of house shoes. Take a look, let me know what you think!

These Birdies are so good. They come in a bunch of fabrics and are so comfy.

A tad more like traditional slippers, but the velvet and faux shearling lining pushed me over the edge.

You know me and green. These are so cute, the suede is beautiful. I love how the green continues on the heel of the shoe.

Just fun. And so soft. You could def dash out of the house in these if need be, these are on order.

Who doesn’t need a pair of Mary Jane bow house shoes? I can’t think of one person.

Animal print slip ons, yes please.

These are really traditional slippers, but I’ve seen something like this worn out before.

Thought these were cute, look supportive ,and come in a bunch of colors. Might be a tad grandma, but could look sporty with your leisure wear. Love that they slip on.

I broke my foot last year, and couldn’t be barefoot. So I bought a pair of tennis shoes to wear in the house. My point is, any shoe could be your house shoe, even a pair you own that are comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and will keep your feet warm. Get creative, get comfortable and look good doing so.

Do you have a pair of house shoes that you like to wear? Let me know in the comments.

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