How to dress for Valentine’s Day at work this year

This post shares how to dress for Valentine’s Day at work.

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Ole V-day is right around the corner. I know, I know. It’s a Hallmark holiday, so who cares. Well some people do and some people celebrate and some people make it about the love of all things, not just romantic love.

For example, I always do something for my kids. A sweet gift, a special dinner, and a fun dessert. I make it about them. 

You can twist the holiday up a bit and make it your own. Even for your work outfit on Valentine’s Day. I have some low-key ways to incorporate V-Day into your office look. 

So if you have to go into the office on Valentine’s Day or just want something to wear on V-day, this post is for you. It’s all about how to dress for Valentine’s Day at work.  I’ve done a few what to wear to work posts before, but this one is unique.

I’ve pulled 5 different ideas for how to incorporate the holiday into your work outfit. These can be worn after hours as well. Some style suggestions are subtle, some not. Take what you like, and leave the rest. 

Wear a frilly feminine blouse

A pretty blouse with a girly pattern, buttons, or a ruffle is always a good idea. Add a jacket for work or for the evening to change up the look a bit. 

This vine motif blouse is pretty and feminine. While it doesn’t scream Valentine’s day, it has a sexy-cute vibe that plays right into the holiday. 

The pink and white striped knit top with pearl buttons is perfect with a pair of slacks. I love it with the gray-striped ones shown in the photo. The pearl buttons are classic and feminine. The pink color gives you all the Valentine’s feels. 

Try a skirt or dress with ruffles 

A dress or skirt that has a ruffle, balloon sleeves, a bow at the neck or some sort of embellishment is perfect for the office on Valentine’s Day. 

This mini-dress is a little bolder both in silhouette and pattern. But if you add boots and tights you can tone it down a bit for work. I love the collar on this, it’s so unexpected. 

The ruffled skirt with a red pattern is super feminine. Pair it with a white or red sweater for another great Valentine’s Day option. 

I love the polka dot dress. You can wear the belt around your neck or waist to add a feminine and pretty bow. I’d add a touch of red in my earrings, shoes, or lip to give it a subtle V-Day flair. 

Bold colored pants for Valentine’s Day at work

If you want to go bold, then grab a pair of slacks in a saturated color. Like these red, purple or pink ones. I’d keep the top simple and neutral.

How to dress for Valentine’s Day at work using accessories

The easiest way to incorporate a touch of Valentine’s day into your work outfit is with accessories. A heart pair of earrings, a red or pink shoe or purse. Add any of these to a neutral-colored outfit to for a splash of Valentine’s day charm. 

Mix it all up

If you want to go a little bolder this Valentine’s Day, then take the ideas above and mix them together. Wear the pink pants with a frilly blouse. Add the heart earrings to the frilly skirt. Throw on red loafers with anything show above.

Head to your closet and see what you have on hand that falls into one of these 5 categories and wear it on Valentine’s Day. Keep it simple, make it easy and stand out at the office in a good way. 



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