How to get dressed when you’re short on time, use this powerful tip

Learn how to get dressed quickly and feel good in your clothes with this one actionable step.

Wall to wall people.

Bad 90s rock blasting over the sound system.

The smell of stale carpet that was installed circa 1979.

Ahhh, the Snoopy Ice Arena. 

I took my kids and a couple of their friends ice skating over the holiday break.

I thought it would be fun, easy. No one would be there, I would bring my laptop and work in the cafe where it’s warm.

Total piece of cake.

As we pulled up there was a line down the side of the building to get in. Guess I wasn’t the only one with this idea.

Got all the girls’ skates, then had to help tie 4 pairs of them.

On repeat.

The girls then began to shed layers. Puffy coats, scarves, hats, and a couple of purses (purses???) were hurled at me to hold while they skated.

What does a 12-year-old girl carry in her purse anyway?

Genuinely curious, I asked.

The response:

A phone.

One $20 bill.

A pack of gum.

Totally necessary. Good thing she brought a purse, ice skating!

I looked like an overloaded donkey running around the ice rink. 

Then the crowds. You could barely see a patch of ice. There were so many people on it. 

That warm cafe that I was going to snuggle up in—packed. Every single seat was taken. And no one wearing a mask.

Finally I found a seat in the grandstands as far as I could get from people and plunked down my load. I was sweating from carrying all the stuff, fretting over their safety, and concerned that they weren’t enjoying themselves. 

My fun day at the ice rink was stressing me out. I didn’t know what to do next. 

Sigh, I needed a stiff drink.

This is really what I want you to know

Listen up, here’s why I’m sharing this with you.

I know you’ve felt this frenzied stressed out feeling before. Like when you’re late for something and you’re standing in your closet dressed only in your bra and undies and can’t figure out what the hell to wear.


Your digital clock starts an audible ticking as the minutes left to get dressed melt away.

You helped everyone else get ready, and now your time is short, very short. 

So I’m going to share with you my number one trick to get you out the door fast when you find yourself in this wardrobe pickle.

How to get dressed under pressure

First, give yourself one minute (set a timer if needed) to think of your top priority for your outing. Let it be the first thing that pops into your mind.

It can be:

-Warmth, it’s cold out so you want to be warm

-Comfort is key, it allows you to focus on the task at hand (if there is one)

-Sexy, you wanna look HOT

-You want to look/feel super stylish

-Professional, you need to be on top of my job game

Or anything else you can think of.

You pick, but only one. This outfit priority will narrow down your closet significantly and leave you with fewer choices.

For example, let’s say you decide on comfort and you are attending a lunch with friends. Then go to your closet and pick your most comfortable dress, pants, blouse whatever, and build your outfit around that one piece. 

But, there is a side-note : this should be a presentable item, not sweats or pajama bottoms.

Then add your layers, making sure that each piece you include meets the criteria of your top priority—comfort.

Last but not least, throw on some fun accessories then out the door you run. On-time, no stress. 

Of course if you have a capsule wardrobe, this will be even easier as you know everything in there works together.

My shoulders just dropped a few inches as I typed this. Such an easy way to get dressed.

Here’s a real life example

Here’s an example of a recent time I used this method to get out the door in a flash.

I love dresses, I find them incredibly comfortable, so I chose this one:

Then I added to this jersey and woven cotton black dress a pair of calf hair tennis shoes, a cream sweater, this tobacco colored purse with a fun texture, these lace on top bobby socks, and some classic gold hoop earrings. That’s it. So simple, quick and easy. I was able to enjoy my time and lunch with girlfriends rather than fuss about how I looked and felt in my outfit.

Next time you have to get out the door looking your best, give this a try.

Then let me know what you think.



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