How to motivate for your workout with high quality exercise wear

This post will answer the question, how to motivate for your workout, by sharing great exercise wear that will get you excited to move.

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I just finished watching LuLa Rich on Amazon Prime. 

Have you seen it? Holy smokes what a train wreck that whole thing is…was….not sure of its current status.

These people were crazy for leggings.

I do understand being a fanatic when it comes to leggings. When you find a good pair you want to wear them to the grocery store, school pick-up, dinners out, the club (country or dance), your cousin’s wedding, and tell everyone you know why you think they are so fabulous.

Yes, leggings can be that good.

An easy way to motivate for your workout

Leggings, yoga pants, exercise clothes, athleisure wear—whatever you want to call them have probably become a staple in your closet. Especially due to the pandemic and the large amount of time we log at home these days.

Aside from the sheer comfort factor, they are one of the best ways to motivate yourself to do: a home workout, go for a run, walk, hit the studio, or gym. You are more likely to do the workout when dressed for it. There is actual research to back this up. It’s like anything, if you feel better in your clothes, you’re more confident and ready to try new things. This includes working out. 

I’m a bit of an exercise clothing aficionado. Nothing beats good workout clothes. So I thought I’d share some brands that I’ve tried lately and am liking. They hold you (firmly) in place, feel good on, and can be worn as the base for all Zoom meetings.  

But, are these worth the cost?

There are tons of inexpensive exercise clothing options on Amazon and Target, but with yoga pants, you get what you pay for. These lower priced options will give you the look, but they will not lift you in the same way, stay in place while working out and will grow thin, pilled, or give out at the seams much sooner than the higher-priced options. 

Believe me, I’ve tried them all. So decide what you’re looking for in leggings before you start shopping. If it’s just a look, then you can go with the less expensive versions. If you want performance pants (just made that up) or something that will actually motivate you to do the workout, then take a look at some ideas below. 

Leggings, leggings, and more leggings

I need a top that works with my bold leggings

What to wear to and from the studio or gym

I do need to clarify that as much as great leggings will motivate you for you workout, a great outfit will do the same thing. Wear these as they are meant to be worn, for exercise or lounging. Make an attempt to get dressed most days and I promise you, the motivation, productivity, and confidence will follow.

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