How to wear your oxford shirt outside of the office

Learn 3 ways to wear a classic oxford shirt in a female and feminine way.

Oxford shirts.

They aren’t just for men. 

Someone should tell Google this because when I did a search on the term, it was all-male posts that came up. It wasn’t until I entered Oxford Shirt Female that I received the results I was looking for. Is it possible Google is a misogynist? That’s a question for another post I guess.

An oxford shirt is a great way to straddled that masculine feminine line in style. You can make one look conservative or edgy. It’s a basic that is a blank slate and you can take it any direction you want. It is such a versatile clothing item. Everyone woman should have at least one in their closet, no matter their style.

What’s an oxford shirt anyway?

An oxford shirt is a dress shirt made from oxford cloth. The oxford cloth originated in the fabric mills of Scotland. The weave on these shirts is heavier and rougher than most traditional dress shirt materials. This makes them a more durable clothing option. These days it’s used as a general term to describe dress shirts for men and women.

When should I wear an oxford shirt?

Oxford shirts are a classic and should be a staple in your closet. There is nothing else in your wardrobe that can go from the beach to the office. An oxford shirt is so versatile, durable, easy to wear, and simple to dress up or down. Yet I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. They’ve been cast as the dowdy workpiece when they can be the fun fresh Friday night piece; the looking polished while running errands piece; or yes the work outfit but with a fresh and sophisticated vibe.

How to wear an Oxford shirt

Today I want to give the “Oxford Shirt Female”, its proper accolades. Here are three different ways to wear the same oxford shirt.

Other ways to wear an oxford

Other fun ways to wear an oxford are as a swimsuit cover up. Once you’ve worn it a time or two and it’s ready for the laundry, throw it on one last time as you head to the beach or pool. Wear an oversized oxford (you can also steal one from your husband) with a pair of pleather leggings. This is a comfortable, easy yet elevated look for running around town. Use an oxford as your to and from studio (or the gym) wear. It covers the bum so you can feel comfortable running into a store or doing school pick up.

Where to buy my favorite Oxford shirts

There are tons of options out there, but here are a few of my favorite spots to shop when I need a new oxford shirt. J. Crew has a great selection at a great price, here are a couple of my faves.

The one I’m wearing in the shots above is from Alex Mill NY. I think these shirts have an edgy vibe. The shirts are male-inspired with feminine touches such as ruffles, pink stripes, different patterned cuffs. They have great sales, so if you see something you like, watch it for a bit to see if the price drops.

Classic white oxfords are the best but oddly sometimes hard to find. I have two places to grab one if you are in need. Classic Six NY, you’ll need to pre-order the white shirt called the Donna. The second spot is Shop Buru; they just restocked their white classic oxford. Everyone should have a great white shirt in their wardrobe. It’s one of the essential 8 pieces of your capsule wardrobe and can be worn on repeat.

So tell me in the comments, which look is your favorite? Is there one you’ll try to incorporate this week? 

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