The best jewelry styles of 2023

This post covers the jewelry styles that are on trend for 2023.

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The easiest way to change up an outfit, make it fancier, edgier, classier, work-appropriate, funkier—whatever you’re going for, is to change up the accessories. This is often your jewelry.

I’ve discussed jewelry basics, your classic pieces, on here before. This post is meant to cover current popular jewelry styles. Jewelry is a simple way to freshen up your staples and make things feel current. Not trendy, but in style. Today, I’ll share with you my favorite trending jewelry styles for 2023.

Statement earrings

I never thought these were out of vogue, but, it’s official, statement earrings are popular again. Great for me as I have loads of them!! It’s easy to find inexpensive statement earrings that make a big impact on your outfit, but not your wallet.

I also encourage you to dig through your jewelry box and pull out your special event earrings. These are often statement pieces. You can get loads more wear out of them if you throw them on with slacks and a blouse for work, jeans, and a t-shirt while running errands or a casual dress for a weekend get-together.

Shell brass statement earrings

Wear these brass matte shell earrings on your tropical vacation or to a casual Friday work meeting. Beach theme or mermaidcore is a big trend this year. I didn’t include this in the article, because it feels young and too seasonal to me. But these are exceptions. The chandelier style movement is so pretty and sophisticated.

Emerald statement earrings

You know what a sucker for green I am. I had to include green statement earrings. These show-stoppers are not just for your special events. Imagine wearing these on date night, or a girl’s night out? With a leather jacket or maxi coat if it’s an outside event. These are all you need to make sure everyone notices you’re there.

Beaded statement earrings

Good ole Ink + Alloy to the statement earrings rescue. They have so many fun pieces, it was hard to choose one. While I love their beaded free-form options, these backed luxe beads caught my eye. There are tons of colors and styles to pick from at great prices.

Bold cuffs

Big bold cuffs are very popular this year. These are great to wear with anything. Your office wear, jeans, spring dresses, or shorts and a t-shirt. You can wear this piece all year long.

Textured gold cuff

A simple gold cuff is a great basic. Imagine it over the sleeve of a black turtleneck, paired with a rolled-up striped oxford shirt and slacks, or worn with a patterned dress. It adds edge and elegance to all these looks. This is a super affordable stunner.

Malachite and gold cuff

The Malachite and gold cuff gives you a pop of color on your wrist. This cuff can take you from the boardroom to the boardwalk. This will add interest to anything you wear it with. While it leans bohemian in style, it would be so cool with a pantsuit. 

Acrylic pearl white cuff

This acrylic white cuff comes in many colors. This is a lightweight cuff that is easy to wear and the pearl is a versatile color.

Drop earrings to the shoulder

I really love this style of earrings. It’s simple and elegant. The earrings do not need to be bold, a simple gold chain works. These elongate your neck and can work with any hairstyle. I do think they look extra if you have short hair.

Rhinestone drop earrings

Rhinestones are the perfect material for shoulder drop earrings. These come in a handful of colors. The clear stones make these the most versatile.

Daisy drop earrings

Floral drop earrings sprinkle some spring into winter. Add these to a sweater dress or turtleneck for a fresh feeling as you grow tired of wearing your winter gear. Then bring them back out to wear with all your spring and summer dresses.

Pearl asymmetrical drop earrings

You can never go wrong with pearls. While pearls are more conservative, the unique shape and asymmetry of these are edgy. These are the perfect blend of sweet and spicy to add to any outfit.

Pinky rings

I have mixed feelings about this trend. I’m including it as an homage to my late father, who was a great lover of the pinky ring. His were full of rubies, diamonds, and gold. It looked like he’d robbed the costume design team for Goodfellas. But he loved his gaudy and over-the-top pieces.

The pinky rings I’m sharing with you today are simple, elegant, and feminine. And apparently a jewelry trend this year. If you’re game to play along, then so am I.

Monica Vinader rings

Monica Vinader has a handful of delicate rings that would all be perfect for your pinky. Bubble style,, gold, rose gold, silver (another hot style this year), and stacked. Tons of options, you pick what works for you and slide it on.

Signet zodiac ring

A signet ring is a larger, bolder option for a female pinky ring. This one has your Zodiac sign, I selected mine, Capricorn, but all signs are available.

Jumbo pearls

I am forever and always a pearl lover. They are a classic and never go out of style. This trend is a tweak on the classic. Jumbo pearls are one of the popular jewelry styles this year, and I’m loving them.

Jumbo baroque pearl necklace

This freshwater baroque jumbo pearl necklace is equal parts edgy and sophisticated. Picture it with jeans, boots, and a t-shirt, or a silk blouse and slacks. It works with both outfits. It’s a great staple, but it’s anything but basic.

Jumbo vintage drop pearls

These vintage-inspired large pearl drop earrings are a great twist on the basic pearl. Big and bold, but still sweet and stylish.

Jumbo pearl bracelet

A large pearl bracelet is great to stack with other things, or on its own. Make it yours and style it as you wish. Wear it with office attire, dresses, leisurewear, or jeans. This bracelet works with anything you want it to.

Silver jewelry styles

All I wore in my 20s and 30s was silver jewelry. It seems to be making a comeback, but I know some have never stopped wearing it, and that’s okay too. I’m a big fan of wearing what you love. I also like mixing metals, gold, and silver. It’s fresh and fun to break the rules.

Chunky silver hoops

I would start with a classic style in silver, like these chunky hoops. These are great basic pieces to have in your jewelry box.

Silver pave floral earrings

These are not only silver but also statement earrings. Kill two trending jewelry styles with one stone when you wear these beauties.

Silver ball and chain necklace

For a silver necklace, I thought this was a fun option. I like the mix of materials here and think this is something you could wear dressed up or down. It’s a bold statement but the chain details soften it a bit, making it more feminine.

There were a bunch more predictions for jewelry in 2023, but these were the few that caught my attention. Tell me in the comments, which will you try to incorporate into your wardrobe this year??

Number one for me this year is going to be jumbo pearls. Look out ladies, I’m gettin’ the big ones out from the 80s, I’ve still got them in my jewelry archives. 





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