How to mix and match clothing

This post shows you how to effortlessly mix and match your clothing. Get more outfits from fewer items.

Because naked isn’t an option, you need to get dressed every day. Or most of them anyway. And my goal and that of this post, is to help you simplify that day-to-day task.

I’m your best friend at this party. I’m here to make sure you look your best, that you don’t waste money on clothes that don’t work with your current wardrobe/lifestyle/budget, and that you get the most out of any items that you do buy. 

A curated set of clothes that all work together, mix and match clothing, can save you time, money and energy. This is how I define a capsule wardrobe

It’s also important to understand what a capsule wardrobe is not

  • It’s not a specific number of clothing items. You can have as many pairs of shoes, skirts or dresses as you would like. The fashion police will not come to arrest you. 
  • It’s not just neutral-colored clothes such as black, gray, or navy. There are plenty of opportunities to infuse color and pattern into your seasonal capsule wardrobe.
  • You are not limited to just one. You can have as many capsule wardrobes as you’d like. One for each season, vacations, work, exercise—the ideas are unlimited. Think of a capsule wardrobe as a great way to organize your closet.

The most important thing is that all the items in your capsule wardrobe work together. So you can create multiple outfits from fewer items easily. 

With a little bit of effort on the front end, you can save yourself time on the day-to-day task of getting dressed.

I’ve created a visual guide today to help you figure out:

  • How to handle color in your capsule wardrobe
  • Ways to mix and match all the clothing in your capsule wardrobe
  • Ideas that you can use to create outfits from your closet with clothes that you already own
  • Items to purchase to fill in the gaps that exist in your capsule wardrobe. These outfits are all just a click away.

We’ll start with the different categories that make up an outfit, then I’ll share with you how to mix and match all of them.

The tops for mix and match

A boxy pink t-shirt is a great basic to add to any capsule. It also comes in a bunch of other colors if pink doesn’t work for you. This white poplin blouse has unique sleeves and feminine details like the ties at the cuffs. White anything will aways work when mix and matching clothes. A striped knit polo has a masculine vibe with girly touches like the slits at the cuffs. Knits are also the rage this spring, so get your hands on a few that you love. These items are both basic and unique at the same time making them great additions to your capsule.

The bottoms

The of the moment denim silhouette is a great base for a mix and match wardrobe. White pants for spring and summer are essential, and of course go with everything. These pin striped blue and white shorts are the perfect length if your days of short shorts have passed (mine certainly have)and a fun twist on a wardrobe staple.

Shoes to really mix things up

Shoes are an easy way to change the look of your outfit. Faux croc slides in tobacco create a more casual look, while tennis shoes with green accents add a sporty feel. These rattan slides with a tortoise buckle are so cute (the darker colored pair are on the way to my house. Shh don’t tell my husband) and the textured loafers are a more traditional polished look. And of course, the pink tennis shoes are so vibrant and fun.

Adding a layer

Adding a layer is important for warmth, to change up a look, or to tie an outfit together. In some instances it does all three. This striped field jacket is a meant to be paired with the shorts for a twist on a suit. It cinches in at the waist and has a sporty vibe. It works with so many items as well as being a part of the set. A white blazer is on my must-have list this season. A great piece to get you through spring and summer. This striped blazer is an option if the field jacket is too casual for you. It’s a polished way to add some pattern to you capsule.


You know I love anything green, and that includes this over-the-shoulder bag in kelly green. Such a fun pop of color. These raffia pink rectangular earrings are so pretty and bold without being overwhelming. This bright yellow quilted tote will brighten any outfit (or day) and can hold all the things. A fun pop of color, such as this blue raffia bracelet, at your wrist is a great way to add color and detail to an outfit.

Visual inspiration for mix and match clothing

Alright, so I chose blue, pink, with accents of yellow and green as my color palette for this capsule wardrobe. Everything in my capsule (aside from neutral pieces) is either in these colors or goes with them. Same with any pattern that I added. Now I can be sure that everything works with everything else from a color standpoint. There will always be a thing or two that won’t work with others based on the cut, style, or material. Aside from those outliers, you have a set of clothes that all work together. See how I mixed and matched this set of clothing below to create numerous outfits.

mix and match clothing that gives a visual for how to wear the same items in multiple ways.

mix and match clothing that gives a visual for how to wear the same items in multiple ways.
mix and match clothing that gives a visual for how to wear the same items in multiple ways.

I created 16 looks from three tops, three bottoms and three layers. There are still more ways to wear this set of clothing, but I think you get the picture. By adding in different accessories, shoes, mixing patterns, pairing bold colors, you can get loads of different looks with the same clothes. So get creative. Pair the unexpected, take some chances and see how things work out.

Use this as a template for building your own outfits from your closet. If you need a few items, click on the links above to shop items to fill the gaps you may have, and use this as an example of ways to incorporate color and accessories to change up the look of something as basic as jeans and a t-shirt.





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