Multi-purpose clothes that are functional and polished

Multi-purpose clothes are a busy mom’s dream. Wearing the same outfit to multiple events in one day is the way to my heart. Read this post for some ideas on how to achieve this look.

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Damn girl. You are the whitest b* I’ve ever seen.

Shrieked my San Francisco neighborhood local homeless dude as I was running to the gym at 5 am in the pitch black. (Sorry mom!)

I almost jumped out of my shorty shorts. I was so startled by him and his comment. 

Once safely in the gym, I had a good laugh about it.

It was and still is, totally true. I’m appliance white. 

In my 20s I’d work out super early in the morning so that I could get home to shower, get dressed to head into the office, and have all the time in the world after work to do anything my heart desired.

What did I do with all of my time before I had kids???

Squeezing work outs into my day

My days are much different now and so is my workout schedule. 

I squeeze it in where I can. After school drop off, between meetings, before school pick-up, while dinner is in the oven.

This means I don’t always have time to get fully ready after my workout or I need to be dressed for said workout that could break out at a moment’s notice all day long. But I still need to look presentable.

Some mornings I need an outfit that I can work out in, look pulled together for a client Zoom call, head over to school pick up, run the kids to various activities and rush home to make dinner. I need multi-purpose clothes.

While I still contend that getting ready and wearing a proper outfit is the best way to start your day, sometimes it’s just not an option. 

No need to reach for the given-up sweats or bail on your workout. I’ve found a middle ground. A polished look that is also functional. 

What are my options for multi-purpose clothes?

This isn’t about yoga leggings, a tank top, and a jog bra. I’m talking about cute sweatshirts, skirts, joggers that you can work out in and go about your day looking fresh as a peach. Feeling fine as a daisy and getting s*ht done.

Ladies, I present to you a realistic set of mom outfits for those busy days that still require you to look great (and squeeze in exercise of some sort). These are also excellent options if you work from home, or for your busy weekends running kids to sports. These on-sideline looks will make the other soccer/basketball/lacrosse/hockey moms ask, where did you get that???

Stylish and functional options

multi-purpose short dress in white with pink, blue and green horizontal stripes.

This sport dress in white is not only great for the tennis court but hiking, a walk, or a day at the beach. Throw on slides or colorful tennis shoes and you can head about your day looking stylish.

A skort is great for any outdoor work out, but can still hold its own when running around town. Paired with this great striped tee, it reads like a real outfit. You can wear the striped t-shirt with tons of other wardrobe staples like jeans or white pants.

A solid navy t-shirt with a fun detail down the back makes for a great cover up over work out wear and for a polished. The striped turtleneck paired with these blue leggings is a great option for hopping on a Zoom call. Business up top, comfort on the bottom. I love the balloon sleeves on the turtleneck.

These sweatshirts offer warmth, comfort and look polished all with a spring vibe. The striped hooded sweatshirt and green color block one are so fun and fresh and can be worn with jeans, leggings or a skort. True multi-purpose clothes.

This three-quarter length sweatshirt and khaki colored joggers make a great work out to lunch type outfit. I love the fuller detail on the sleeves. And, these pants have pockets. Total win.

Addison Bay is a new brand for me. Its female founder is on a mission to dress women in functional yet stylish clothes. This is something I can get behind. I hope you can find a thing or two that inspires you to create outfits that work with and for your busy days. Let me know in the comments below, your fave go-to look when you have a back-to-back event filled day.



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