3 New Year’s Eve looks for a great start to the new year

New years eve looks for your 2022 celebration are here. Simple easy to wear clothes for any type of event, especially an at home celebration.

Location: San Francisco 

Date: New Year’s Eve 1996

Destination: Mega party at the Jewelry Center South of Market

Cheap vodka and cologne permeating the air, long lines for drinks and the bathroom, music so loud you can’t remember your own new year resolution, and a big ol’ dance floor waiting to be used up—New Year’s Eve celebration, I have arrived.

My girlfriends and I would emerge from the party post midnight to desolate streets with no hopes or cellphones with which to call or catch a cab. We’d trek several blocks from the party in heels, and often rain, to finally hail a cab home. Once deposited safely in my apartment we’d dissect the night and stay up until the sun rose.

I performed this annual ritual for more than a decade. I loved celebrating New Year’s Eve and always spent time and effort deciding what to wear for whatever mega event we were attending. 

Current New Year’s Eve Plans

Can you imagine doing that now? I would need to be dropped off and picked up right in front, my own comfy seat just for me all night long, dimmed music and bright light so I can hear and see things, full access to a clean restroom and no wait for a drink. Does this party exist? Right, it’s called staying at home. Which is 100% what I do these days for NYE but I still wear something festive to honor the start of a new year.

It’s a big deal. Fresh slate filled with endless possibilities for the year ahead.

And of course, so many great outfits to wear. Both on NYE and for all of 2022. So you should start the year out right with an outfit that fits your mood for the year ahead. 

Here are a couple of ideas for outfits, both dressed up and down, and of course these can all be worn through the remainder of the year.

New Year’s Eve Looks

Perhaps your vision for 2022 is to exercise or move more. Start the year in a velour Track Dress for maximum comfort while moving and looking good. It’s cozy, warm, soft, sporty yet dressy, and all at a great price. I wore this to a gift exchange and all the ladies wanted to touch my dress. It’s so soft and rich-looking.  Oh, and it has pockets, total bonus. For a daytime event add the snakeskin tennis shoes and simple gold hoops. To dress it up add these queen bee earrings and metallic braided slides.

Want to take more chances this year? Start with your clothes and wear unusual stand-out garments. Grab one of these fringed skirts to ring in the new year. It’s a bold statement and a great way to start your year of (healthy) risk taking. They are also having a fun sale on shipping so you can have this in time for NYE (or even Christmas). But you have to head over there right away! Want to keep it casual, add these sparkle tennis shoes and pearl bow earrings. For a dressier look slide into these rose gold shimmer shoes and bold rhinestone earrings. The ivory roll neck sweater can go both casual or dressy, but a simple turtleneck or crisp white blouse would be equally as stunning.

These items display different new year's eve looks that can be dressed up or down depending on your event.

Want to be more chill this year, take things easy, not stress so much? This lounge set of cashmere joggers and a matching hoodie is the NYE look for you (it’s also on sale and comes in multiple colors). Add a party headband for a festive touch and pair with the sparkle house shoes. If you have a day event these leopard print and metallic stripe tennis shoes fit the bill along with the navy fringe earrings. The navy in the shoes and earrings create contrast with the slate blue of the cashmere sweatsuit.

Now, for New Year’s Eve looks you can create from your closet, try this. Set your intention for 2022 no matter how small or simple it may seem and head to your closet to find something that matches that intention. Just like I did above. It’s a fun way to get dressed and takes the hassle out of deciding what to wear. If you need more inspiration, check out two of my recent holiday posts. One was for casual and the other dressy clothing holiday options.

Dress for the life you want in 2022, don’t hold back or save items for special events. You have permission to wear all the fancy stuff even if you’re going to be on your couch ringing in the new year. 

Celebrate and dream big for 2022. 

I hope you get all that you desire in the new year!





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