The stylish girl’s guide to not wearing shorts



Shorts, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em.

Do you remember Dolphin shorts? With their multi-colored panels, blue and white or red and white. Or stripes like Richard Simmons used to wear? They were silky (100% polyester) and short as could be. Everyone in the 80’s had them, except me. My mother wouldn’t buy them for me. “Your father will never let you out of the house in those,” she’d say. She was right, but I missed out on a major 80’s fashion movement. Thank, God!

I grew up in Southern California where it was summer year-round. I wore shorts constantly. I didn’t stop wearing them until I moved to San Francisco after college. There are approximately 2 days out of the year that are warm enough to wear shorts in that city. The temperature gauge in San Francisco is stuck at 65, 55 with the fog chill factor. Brrr.

When I moved to the burbs I had to purchase a whole new summer wardrobe. 14 years of living in San Francisco had decimated my summer clothes. 

That’s when I came to terms with the fact that I don’t like shorts anymore. They grab in the wrong areas, easily show sweat marks (yuck), feel too long or too short to be flattering on my body, and no longer fit my lifestyle. So I set out to find alternatives to shorts for the warmer months. 

the short alternative hero–a skirt 

Skirts are the easiest alternative to shorts. You can pair a skirt with the same t-shirts or tanks that you would shorts, but a skirt provides more flexibility. You can go tight and short when you’re feeling frisky, long and flowey for a more romantic vibe, or anything in between.  They are so easy to wear, no riding up on you, and total air flow. Here are a couple that I have my eye on for this summer. 

I ordered this one. I love the bright color and terrycloth throwback material.

Cute pattern, cute color, cute length. Bonus: elastic waistband!

This is a great length. The metallic in the fabric makes this one unique.

Everyone needs a go to denim skirt. This one has a vintage vibe that makes it cool.

This is such a great classic piece, that is made a tad edgy with the zipper.

What happens when a skirt and shorts have a baby–the skort

If you need to hop on a bike, play an impromptu game of kickball or do a cherry drop from the high bar, you may need a different type of skirt. One that provides more coverage. Enter the skort.

I feel compelled to let you know that I’ve ridden a bike, played in a kick-ball game and raced through a homespun obstacle course with my daughters, all in a regular skirt. It takes the right skirt and a seasoned pro but it is doable. (For riding a bike, the skirt needs to be full, and about knee length so you can pedal without flashing anyone, unless that’s your thing, this is a no judgement zone. But not so long as to get caught up in the chain.) If you’re not up to the challenge, here are some skort options for you. These come with built in shorts for additional coverage.

The detail on this is so feminine. ❤️

An exercise dress! This brand has great options for all types of workout wear.

Sporty and girly at the same time, my favorite combo.

The quick full outfit option–a dress

Not only are dresses my secret weapon for looking pulled together in 30 seconds, they are a great alternative to shorts. You can move around in them easily, ride a bike (if you have the right length) and hit dinner in the same outfit. Below are a few shorter dresses I’ve found that you could turn to when you would normally pull on a pair of shorts.

The empire waist allows for a flowey bottom, but doesn’t create the tent effect.

The detail of the ties on the straps is just adorable. This comes in a pretty blue as well.

This is the perfect dress to ride your bike in. So easy to wear, and dress up or down.

The v-neck and belted waist is so flattering. Love the ruffle on this, so fun.

Your turn. Head to your closet, dig through and find what you have in there. Look at your swim coverups, dressier skirts that you can pair with a tank and sandals for a casual look, and dresses. When the occasion calls for shorts, think which of these can I wear instead, and give it a go. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be cooler, more comfortable, and look amazing. 

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