Pajamas to help you finish out the year strong

I’m in awe as she struts down the runway in splatter paint overalls. She looked like a goddess to me. All spindle-like, with big 80’s hair and overdone makeup. It took my breath away.

God, I love this so much. I gobbled down my lukewarm lunch and chocolate cake they served us as I took in the fashion eye candy happening right in front of me.

As soon as the runway show ended, my sister and I raced for the escalator, it was time to shop. And I was headed straight for the junior section to snatch up those overalls. You know, the ones splattered with paint. Nothing was going to stop me.

Except for my mother.

A couple times a year, we’d get in my mom’s Root Beer colored, 1983 Cadillac all dressed up and cruise to Bullocks in Pasadena. They held a fashion show luncheon—you would think it was Paris fashion week the way my sister and I would anticipate this outing.

All the latest Spring or Fall items were displayed on the runway. Afterward, you could shop the items in the store. My mom would buy us a thing or two. This particular shopping trip I decided beforehand that I was going to change-up my style game and try out something trendy and edgy.

Not my style at all, still to this day.

My mom had a chat with me about how unrealistic these overalls were. I heard phrases like:

Way too trendy.

Won’t get much wear out of them.

They’ll soon be out of style.

She didn’t understand, this was everything I wanted. But, the power of the purse always prevails. The overalls were not going home with me.

Sulking, and in an attempt to get away from my mother, I ended up in the sleepwear section of Bullocks. This section was a new section to me. Not a clothing item that I’d given much thought to before. I began exploring all the various pajama options: short sets, long sets, separates, nightgowns. I quickly fell in love with another way to express my budding style, sleepwear. To this day, I love nothing more than slipping into a great pair of pajamas that are stylish, colorful, comfortable, and fun.

I’ve pulled together a few options for you to take a look through today. Because I’m of a certain age, they are all 100% cotton. I need breathable natural fabric when I sleep these days. I was able to find pretty patterns and have worn many of these brands and can personally recommend them as they wash and wear well. If you’re in the market for some new sleepwear, take a look. These also make great gifts for birthdays or the upcoming holiday season.

Printfresh offers tons of fun bold patterns. They have short sets, nightgowns all the stuff.

These come in a beautiful bag to store your jammies in if you wish, they make a great gift.

I have to include an animal print. JCrew is a solid choice for pajamas. These wash well and there are tons of patterns and colors to choose from. This is a fun fresh pattern for the fall and winter.

The Buru top and bottoms are sold separate and this company encourages wearing this as a blouse. Not sure how I feel about that. But styled right, it could work.

Fun bottoms, again sold separate. Love the brown tones, perfect for fall festivities and lounging around while you whip up your pumpkin everything.

This is a new brand to me. They have several different sets and nightgowns and lots of patterns. All bold and fun and all 100% cotton.

I have PJ Salvage pajamas and love them. They are so soft and cozy. This set is cotton flannel and part of their size inclusive line.

Some of these brands advertise that the shirts can be worn as tops. I’ve never done this, I’m a firm believer that you don’t wear pajamas outside of your house. Just my rule of course. But this might be the year I give it a try on a Zoom call with friends or something. Then I could truly stay in my jammies all day long. Dreams sometimes do come true.

Let me know in the comments, do you have a favorite brand of pajamas you recommend?

I’m always on the lookout for new brands, and you can help me find the next it one for me.

Please share this with a friend who may need some style and pajama, love.





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