How pajamas affect your sleep

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

It’s real and I suffered from it for years. 

As a little girl, my parents would find me asleep on the floor of my room with my head at the door so that I could hear what was going on in the rest of the house after my bedtime. Little genius.

My entire family would take a nap on a Sunday afternoon. Not me. I was awake in case something really fun happened. I wasn’t going to miss it for some silly nap. 

It only got worse in high school and college when I was convinced that all the best stuff would happen while I was asleep. Remedy to this: stay awake!

Oh, how I wish I could get those naps back and had created better sleep habits for myself all those years ago. As a middle-aged adult, sleep evades me. I work hard at it but it’s a struggle. I’ve long since recovered from FOMO, I’m now dealing with real physical inhibitors to sleep. Hello, night sweats and insomnia thanks to this aging body. 

If you struggle with sleep, I’ve got some simple tips (some don’t always work for me, but sleep specialists recommend them) and some great PJ options for you. Yes, the correct choice in PJs can enhance your sleep. 

Who knew???

Things to do before bedtime that affect your sleep

Avoid alcohol. Bummer, I know. But alcohol messes with your REM sleep and usually wakes you 4 hours into a night’s sleep. What sleep you do get is light, and not as beneficial. This is worse for those of you in menopause as it alters estrogen, which affects hot flashes, these wake you up.

Exercise. I’m not talking about strenuous exercise. Data shows that a 15-30 minute stroll 3-5 times per week is beneficial to getting a good night’s sleep. You should not do excessive exercise close to your bedtime.

You can also learn some great sleep habits from Be Your Better You and their article on how to develop healthy sleep habits. It’s so important to get your sleep hygiene right.

Setting the mood

For sleep that is. You should turn down the lights, only listen to soothing music, and no screen time (this includes your phone) one hour before sleep.

Journaling helps to get all the thoughts out of your head, onto paper so your mind can wind down.

Reading helps to lull you to sleep. It distracts your mind from the business of the day and allows it to begin to rest.

A warm shower or bath can calm down your nervous system and relax your muscles. 

Meditation is a big one for me. Find a sleep meditation that you like and listen to it. I have recently started using the app Insight Timer and doing Yoga Nidra meditations. It’s been very helpful.

What pajamas to wear for better sleep?

This is news to me that what you wear to bed can affect your sleep. Just the act of putting on your sleepwear, not just the sweats that you’ve been wearing all day, sets the intention for your mind and body that it’s time to shut your eyes.

Here are a few suggestions to guide you when choosing sleepwear for an optimal sleep experience:

  • If you wear PJs that are made from natural fabrics such as cotton, or silk, they can actually keep you cooler and better moderate your body temperature which will enhance your sleep
  • Make sure you choose the appropriate fit. Looser is best so you don’t have anything constricting, pinching, or riding up.
  • Try bamboo. It’s soft to the touch, is moisture-wicking so it will keep you at the right temp and if you’re suffering from night sweats will remove the moisture from your body. It’s hypoallergenic (if you have allergies, you should try these), and this material is 100% biodegradable so it’s better for the environment.
  • Think of PJ’s as another way to show your style, even as you sleep you can be that style maven that you’re dreaming about.

Below are some PJs that are on my radar. I’ve got natural fabrics, cute styles, and comfortable fits. Take a look, perhaps something is calling your name.

Nightgown, Lime, Striped short set
Cami set in silk, Silk t-shirt set, Bamboo short set, Feather trimmed in pink, Cotton striped set

Everything you read about sleep talks about how important it is for managing stress, regulating hormones, your overall health, healing, energy levels—I could go on, but you get the idea. It affects every aspect of our lives so it deserves to be a priority, including what you wear to sleep.

If you have any sleep tips that have worked for you, share them in the comments below. Not everything works for everybody, so you have to try lots of things to get it right. I’m still working on it but thought I’d share some things I’ve explored.

As always, please share this with a friend who could use some style (and sleep) love.



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