Shoes for long dresses, this season’s 5 top styles

Shoes for long dresses in the topic of this blog post. I’ll share examples of my favorite trends this season that also work with maxi style dresses and skirts.

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No woman I know doesn’t love a good pair of shoes.

All types of shoes. 

For example, my girls love tennis shoes. On our recent trip to New York, they each bought a colorful and different pair of tennis shoes with their spending money. 

My college roommate and I used to ship shoes back and forth after she moved home from San Francisco. Broke as a joke, but we thought it was economical to ship each other shoes. We needed more than our personal collection and wore the same size, so it all made sense. 

I know a woman who has bad feet, so she cannot wear heels. So instead she collects mini porcelain high-heeled shoes. 

My dad used to say, “Women buy shoes just so other women can’t have them.” And he would know after living with 3 women for all those years.

Women go bonkers for shoes, so today we’re talking about……shoes.

Not any ole shoes, but shoes for long dresses. 

Maxi dresses and skirts are everywhere right now. It can be a confusing style, especially when it comes to what shoes you should wear with them. 

The good news is, lots of different shoes work with this style. I prefer a simple shoe with a long dress, it balances things out and I like balance. You also have to think about what you are going to be doing while wearing this long dress. Are you at a wedding, picnic, fancy dinner, or casual beach party? And your comfort level. Can you wear heels? Do you like slides? Or would you prefer a shoe that you strap to your ankle? You need to consider these things when deciding shoes for your long dresses. 

Shoe trends this season

Some of the shoe trends for spring and summer also make great styles to pair with your maxi dresses and skirts. I’m going to focus on my fave shoe trends of the season. They are:

  • Kitten heels, very low-heeled dainty, often pointy-toe shoes.
  • Metallic shoes, loving the resurgence of silver or mixing metallic with other materials. 
  • Flats, from ballet to sandals this is such a casual comfortable style. 
  • Raffia is a natural material that makes for a great neutral shoe.  Also, raffia shoes add texture which makes any outfit more interesting.
  • Wedges are an option if you can no longer wear a high heel. They offer more support, but give you that height you are looking for. 

I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites in each of these trends that work well with long dresses and skirts

Kitten heel shoes for long dresses

This style is great for work or an event where you’ll have to be on your feet for a long period of time. It’s also perfect if you need to get your dress just a touch off the ground, but can’t handle a big heel. I also think this style is so French and cute. I know it comes in and out of fashion, but I’m team kitten heel all the time. 

This pink metallic pair has two of the season’s trends in one shoe. The dainty strap with a small detail would be so pretty poking out from a long dress. 

The pearl kitten heels put an exclamation point on the femininity of this style. These are perfect for a wedding or baby shower. 

Metallic shoes

Metals make a great neutral and are the perfect shoes for long dresses to add some pizazz without making too big of a statement. 

These rose gold floral slides are so fun. These would be great with a floral patterned dress or a solid color. Wear these to a lawn or beach party to add some flair to any outfit. 

Mid-century metallic woven shoes are so eclectic. Add these to your caftan for a summer wedding or dressier birthday party. Such a fun and retro look. 

If you want higher heels, these strappy metallic sandals will do the trick. They are sleek and simple and come in a ton of metallic colors. 


I have a bad back and feet. Heels are tough for me these days, so I love a good flat, especially with a long dress. It makes the outfit look more casual and effortless. I also feel more confident moving about when I have flats on. If you feel the same then check out the cute flats I round. 

This low heel simple sandal is a beautiful minimalistic addition to a long dress. Add this to a dress with a heavy pattern for an elegant finish to the look. 

These metallic ballet flat slides add a pop of fun to any look, especially one involving a long dress. 

Raffia sandals 

This natural material adds texture to your outfit. These are great with a solid or patterned dress as they are neutral, but not boring. 

The raffia and navy shoes are so interesting. You can wear these to a garden wedding so your heels don’t sink into the grass, but you still get some height. The material combination makes these a dressier option, but not too formal. 

Raffia slides and the must-haves this season. I love the asymmetrical design and the lighter-colored raffia on these shoes. While I love a good slide, you have to be careful that your long dress doesn’t get caught between the shoe and the bottom of your foot. This can pull the dress and cause you to trip or pull your skirt down. Voice of experience speaking on this one….

Wedge shoes for long dresses are a great solution

Wedges seem like they are always a trend, but no season is more fitting for this style of shoe than spring and summer. These are a great shoe option if you can no longer wear a traditional heel. These give you a lift, but the security of a large surface to balance on. 

This light bright blue wedge would be beautiful under a floral long dress. Or any kind of geometric pattern that this color would complement. I love the strap around the ankle for extra support and color. 

Espadrilles are having a moment again this season. This fun gingham print makes these a must-have for a summer BBQ or graduation party. 

I’ve never seen an open wedge like this one, but I like it. This would be great with a long dress that is more fitted. But it could also add some structure to a flowy long dress. There are lots of options with these shoes. They come in a bunch of colors to match or contrast your printed or solid-colored long dress this season. 

Next week I’ll share some of my favorite long dresses and style them with the shoes in today’s post. The following week I’ll add the accessories. In the end there will be a handful of styled outfits. From shoes to dress to earrings that can take you through the season’s events. 

Be sure to follow along for the next two weeks to see the final outcome. 



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