Spring shoes for work in 2023

This post shares spring shoes for work that are comfortable and stylish.

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You find a great outfit. Great blouse with a skirt or slacks and a sweater. You love it, and can’t wait to wear it. Then self-doubt starts to creep in with the age-old, what shoes do you wear with it??

It’s a wildly popular question and one that can be hard to answer. Add in the layer of a work shoe and you’re stumped. So you grab your trusty, but frumpy or dated, black shoes and wear them on repeat with every outfit. Forever and ever, amen.

Shoes can kill an outfit. But they can also bring it to life. Make it sing, and make you stand out in the sea of black pumps.

Let’s focus on attaining that second option. I want to focus on shoes that send your work outfits over the top.

I am sharing with you 8 styles that you can wear to work this spring. They are stylish, comfortable and will spice up your work basics or blend with your bold suits. These can be anything you want them to be, except boring and ugly.

These styles are being shown everywhere for spring 2023. If you like the style but not the exact shoe I chose, be sure to look around. You’re sure to find the same style in a different color, material, or price point. Some of my suggestions are also great dupes for higher-end brands. Who doesn’t love a good dupe? Well, I know one person, but we won’t count her.

What shoes are appropriate for spring?

This depends on where you live. But for most (even those of us in California) spring is still chilly, at least in the mornings and evenings. I know the urge to pull out all the sandals, as the snow is still melting, is strong, but it might not be time yet. And sandals aren’t always what you want to wear at work. I have a theory, that most offices store meat at night to make extra money. The temperature of most offices sure suggests this.

Everything I’m sharing today is a closed-toe shoe. A slingback, bright color, or material composition is what makes these spring-like.

You get the best of both worlds this way. Warm tootsies and vibrant spring shoes.

Stacked heel loafers

These loafers with a heel are a fun spin on the classic loafer. The red with gold detailing makes these different from a basic black, but that is an option as well with these shoes. If you have your eye on Gucci loafers but can’t pull the trigger (I’m talking to myself here) these give a similar vibe, minus the price tag.

Red stacked heel loafer with gold buckle across the pointed toe is a great spring shoe for work.
Red and gold stacked heel loafer

I’d wear these with almost everything, but they would be best with a dark monochromatic neutral outfit such as navy or black, with this pop at the foot. A great wrap dress would pair well as would a pencil skirt and white blouse.

Square-toe ballet flat

This is a big trend this season and it’s a good one for those of us who have crammed our toes into pointy shoes for too long. The olive green in snakeskin is a great transitional shoe and a fun neutral.

Olive green snakeskin textured square ballet flats with Tory Burch logo at the toe
Square toe ballet flats

I’d wear these with black cigarette pants or a printed midi-dress with similar coloring. These would also uplevel your casual Friday jeans and a t-shirt outfit.

Capped-toe ballet flats

This is such a classic style that works with almost everything. These are a take on the Chanel ballet flat but are much more affordable if those are out of your reach.

Ballet flats in tan with a black patten leather capped toe and quilted pattern.
Capped toe ballet slipper

I’d wear these with a shorter loose black dress and tights. This would highlight the shoe as the star of the outfit and make the shorter dress more work appropriate. These would also be great with a pleated black midi-shirt and sweater. Cargo pants are big this season. This ballet flat would be a great juxtaposition with cargo pants.

Bold colored slingback

This bold green is the ultimate spring color. A slingback is the perfect mix of a sandal and closed-toe shoe. These are spring keepers for sure.

Kelly green round toe sling back with a stacked heel and a gold bar across the top
Green sling back stacked heel

I’d wear these with a patterned blouse that has the same bold green and a skirt or slacks in a solid neutral color. These can also take you through the summer months if you need to dress up a sundress for an event.

Loafer pumps for spring shoes for work

I don’t make these names up, I just review them. These are exactly that, a cross between two staple and classic shoes. I struggled to choose between the Cornbread and Carmel Corn colors. But the Cornbread color edged out the other in the end. It’s so light and buttery, the perfect blend for a spring work shoe.

Cornbread colored loafer pump with a gold placard across the top of the shoe.
Loafer pump in cornbread color

I’d wear these with a light-colored skirt and blazer. This neutral, but unique color will be easy to wear with loads of things. But for a fresh spring look, keep the color all light.

Loafers (the regular kind)

There has been no shortage of loafer options in the last couple of years, and spring 2023 is no different. These crocodile and stone-colored suede loafers are show stoppers.

Flat loafers in snakeskin and stone colored suede are a great spring shoe for work option.
Crocodile and suede loafers

I’d wear these with pants. Any kind of pants but most especially a solid colored wide leg slack. Then you leave all the attention where it is due, on this spring work shoe.

Kitten heels

These are such a big trend right now and a great addition to your spring shoes for work collection. My 52-year-old feet could not be happier. It’s a mini-heel without the pain that full-on heels can inflict on feet. The first pair of basket weaves are so unusual. The black, oyster, and tan are perfect for spring. If you’re looking for more of a pop, these also come in camel, red, and pink.

Camel, oyster and black basket weave kitten heel shoes.
Basket weave kitten heel

I’d wear these with tan or black slacks or a skirt. They would also be pretty with a midi printed dress. These could create some pattern mixing in your outfit. These are neutral but the weave and colors make these shoes anything but boring.

I couldn’t narrow this category down to one style. Sorry! This second pair of kitten heels in a buttery oak color also has a large buckle at the toe which makes them unusual.

Light beige colored kitten heel with buckle at the toe in same leather is an example of a spring work shoe.
Oak colored buckle kitten heel

I’d wear these with a patterned dress or lighter color slacks. While the color is very neutral, the style stands out. These are pretty and feminine. They are very worthy of taking up space in your curated set of spring shoes for work.

What are the most comfortable shoes to wear at work?

This depends on so many things. But if you have aging feet that are out of practice wearing traditional heels (thanks to Covid or life in general), then all of the styles I’ve shown today are great options for comfortable work shoes.

At 52 I wish I could take back some of my excessive all-day heel-wearing. It killed my feet and my Achilles.

I can’t take it back. Besides, it was fun, I was capable at the time, and it looked (and felt) great.

I did want to figure out a way to still look good in a work setting, without heels. This is why I sought out spring shoes for work that are stylish, unique, and comfortable.

I hope something here strikes your fancy and sets you up for a successful spring shoe season.



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