A drool-worthy spring capsule wardrobe in a few simple steps

A spring capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be hard. This blog post shares a few stress free tips to pull one together.

Updated 2.3.22

Photo by peter bucks

The first time I went to Paris was with my sister, it was springtime and we were in our twenties. We both fell in love with the city and decided on the spot we wanted to move there. We spent the rest of our trip trying to find a Parisian who would trade apartments with us. 

At the time, we each had a great apartment in another cool city, San Francisco. We thought this was a no brainer. Never mind we needed jobs, work visas, little things like that.


We almost had a deal with a shopkeeper in Germain de Prais who was dying to check out the scene in San Francisco. Needless to say none of this came to fruition, but my love for Paris, and spring lives on.


This includes a spring wardrobe. The fact that you can wear clothes from both winter and summer, sometimes on the same day. The bright colors, sandal season, and realizing we are on the precipice of summer. What’s not to love?



 So let’s continue this work of  building a wardrobe that you love by adding in some spring elements and color.


Remind me what a capsule wardrobe is?


In the last blog I discussed a Classic Capsule Wardrobe. What it is, why you need to have one, and how to build yours. The takeaway— having a Classic Capsule Wardrobe as the foundation to build your entire wardrobe from, will save you time, money, and have you looking pulled together.


This week I’ll focus on the process of building out your Classic Capsule Wardrobe with an infusion of spring clothing items.


Great, but how do I do that?


It’s easy. Because our Classic Capsule Wardrobe is neutral, adding in color will be a breeze. You chose 2-3 shades that you love and that work with each other so you can continue with the mix-and-match theme, which simplifies the process of getting dressed.

You also want to add in some pattern to keep things different and interesting. Please note that patterned items should be in the same 2-3 colors you identified or go with all the colors in your color palette. This will keep things cohesive.


You can go through this process each season, adding things relevant to the change in weather, new trends, and refreshing items due to wear and tear as needed. This is how you grow your wardrobe and keep it current without breaking the bank each season.


Can I get a visual of this spring capsule wardrobe, please?


Of course, below is a photo example of items you can add to your spring wardrobe. Click on the descriptions below for more details on each individual item.

A spring capsule wardrobe. set of clothes in shades of pink, blue and yellow that all go with each other.
Liberty print long sleeve blouse, dusty wisteria t-shirt, green quilted shirt jacket, cheetah print shirtdress, wisteria colored polo sweater, white layering tee with ruffle sleeves, hot pink cashmere sweater, boucle button up sweater, dark floral print skirt, striped sweater, wide leg jeans, color block tennis shoes, white high rise sailor jeans, hot pink slacks, and yellow pom-pom shoes.

Now head to your closet, find a few colorful pieces you already own and start from there. Pick a color or two that work with that and add on. Put these clothes in a special section of your closet so that you know they are part of your spring capsule wardrobe. This will make getting dressed a breeze. And, when shopping you’ll know which colors you are looking for which will limit your options and make it easy to pass on the things that don’t go with your color palette.

Let me know in the comments, which colors you’ll be working with to freshen up your capsule for spring.



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