How to make transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring fun, easy, and affordable



New Beginnings. 

Fresh start.




Moving from one phase to another can be exciting, but it can also be hard. 


That in-between space where you’re not quite sure what to do or how to do it. You are guessing at things. You’re doing your best.  But you aren’t sure.  


Are you in fashion limbo?

The transition facing us all is preparing our spring wardrobe. It seems premature to wear those spring dresses in your closet, but the heavy sweaters don’t feel quite right anymore. So what to do?

Today I’m showing you some ways to transition your wardrobe from winter into spring, in an intentional way. 


I’ve been reading a lot about style trends as we emerge from this pandemic. All signs point to people opting for fewer items of higher quality. Consumers want items that can be worn across seasons, and for years to come. 


I like this movement. Wearing pieces over-and-over again, while keeping them fresh with accessories or layers is a great way to add that pop of color and seasonality. This approach is easy, affordable, and impactful.


Everything I’m showing you today can be worn into spring. Once it warms up this summer, some of these items will have to be put away, but they can be pulled out again in the fall. 


Lots of transitional garments that give you plenty of options. 


I love options. Take a look below. Click on the photos for additional details.


These items offer warmth but in spring colors and patterns. You can wear all of these with boots, or sandals as it warms up. The individual pieces all work together as well.


This dress with a sweater is perfection for cooler spring temps.




IMG_8942 2.JPG
Great basic black dress that can be accessorized a million ways to add spring flare.



This dress is a fleece. So cozy, but in a spring color. Add your spring accessories and you’re all set.



Your turn. Go play in your closet to find transitional pieces or outfits inspired by spring. If you’re using the Capsule Wardrobe system, make sure you move pieces from capsule to capsule (not just your 8 basic essentials). If purchasing items ask yourself the following questions before you hit the buy button: 

1) Does this go with my Capsule Wardrobe color palette? 

2) Does this work with at least three other items that I own? 

3) Can I wear this across seasons?

If yes to one or more, then you can feel good about making an intentional choice. This will lead to an organized closet full of things that work together, items that you can wear on repeat, and make transitioning from season to season easier.

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I teach women to dress with more confidence and joy. By understanding a few style concepts, how to dress your body type and how to curate a capsule wardrobe everyone can leave the house feeling great.



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