Stay warm in style with one of these these gorgeous coats

This post covers how to stay warm and in style by topping any outfit with a coat that suits your lifestyle.

Photo by Tim Gouw

What happens when a Bomb Cyclone and an Atmospheric River merge? 

16 inches of rain falls over a 48 hour period. In October. This is typically the most beautiful month of the year here in Marin and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Not the weekend before last. It rained like a mofo causing all kinds of flooding, stalled vehicles, accidents. All the jokes about people freaking out when it rains in California were acted out, in real-time. People lost their minds and it was mayhem for 48 hours solid. We really are weather wimps out here. 

Staying warm in style is possible

The storm has passed and it’s sunny and warm here again like it usually is. But it was a big (and early) reminder that winter is coming. Cold days are ahead. You need to figure out how to stay warm in style, and stat. I’m here to help. This week I’ve found incredible coats to keep that tush of yours warm and cozy all winter long.

My big caveat on this is, I don’t live in a very cold climate. We do not get snow or extreme cold. I have a Columbia long puffer coat that I bust out anytime it drops below 60 degrees. My husband calls it my sleeping bag. I’m a cold-weather sissy.

So if you live in a cold climate, you may snicker at my California version of cold-weather coats. I hear you but I did my best to include options that most could incorporate into their winter closet at some level. My goal is that you stay warm, feel pulled together, and look stylish while wearing any of these coats. 

What styles are hot for keeping you warm

If you want to dabble in some of this seasons coat trends, without breaking the bank, I have some great options. Here are a few of the must have styles that are on my radar this year:

Teddy bear coats

Faux fur coats (this is not new, but I’m so happy it’s still happening)

Puffer coats, but make them elevated

I’m sharing a examples of these trends as well as a few classic coats. While trends are fun, you can never go wrong with a classic. 

So let’s do this!

Teddy bear coats—this seasons fun trend

Faux fur coats will keep you warm and in style

Elevated puffy coats

Classic coats are always in style

There you have it. Lots of coats, in different styles that celebrate what is current in the outerwear landscape. I hope you feel inspired to find what helps you stay warm in style this winter. Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite.

I can’t pick just one!





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