4 places to buy stylish and affordable eyeglass frames online

If you’re in need of stylish eyeglass frames, I’ve got some great options for you today. Brands to check out and actual frames that I own and love.


The cost of stylish glasses in 1980 something for an 8-year old girl.

My little sister had to start wearing glasses in about 3rd grade. My dad bought her the cheapest frames available, they looked it and I’m sure they did not motivate my sister to pop those things on each day.

That summer my sister and I took our annual trip to visit Auntie Marita who lived in San Francisco. She took one look at “those” glasses and said out-loud , “hell no.”

So we marched into one of the fanciest eyewear shops in the Bay Are, where she purchased my sister a pair of stylish eyeglass frames that she loved.

Then promptly sent my father the bill.

My parents had the money to buy the glasses, my dad just didn’t see the need to have stylish eyewear. This was a function over form issue. I always say I don’t take fashion advice from straight men, and that goes for eyeglasses, too.

Eyeglasses can be a fashion accessory

Having stylish frames is a way to feel good about having to wear glasses. They are also a fashion accessory and a great way to spice up your capsule wardrobe. Glasses are an extension of your style. And, they do not have to cost a fortune.

I didn’t start wearing glasses (cheaters) until I was 40. It wasn’t until I could no longer read the menu, my kids’ medications, or tags and labels while shopping that I broke down and bought a pair.

Once I got re-acquainted with the concept of seeing things, I bought a ton of them.

I now have cheaters stuffed in every corner of my house, in my purses, in my car and if I don’t have them on me for some reason, I have to have my kids read tags, labels, etc to me. I am totally reliant on these glasses to do everything.

But I’ve embraced readers as a part of my life now and I’ve spent a lot of time wearing and finding cheaters that are comfortable, durable, and stylish. So if you too are in need of a little help reading things up close and unreasonably small, you’re going to love what I have in store for you today.

Stylish eyeglass frames that won’t break the bank. Look good and see stuff again, it’s a total win.

Places to buy stylish, affordable eyeglass frames

Warby Parker is a great place to look for stylish and affordable readers. You can also use these frames for prescription eyewear, as long as it’s a simple and straight forward rx. Anything complicated is a gamble. This round tortoise pair I tried on in-store. They were super lightweight, have just the right amount of frame for a subtle look and are neutral-ish. The second squared off pair come in a sea glass color that caught my eye. But I was looking for a bolder frame. The tortoise and blue frames are the pair I ordered. They are unique and I get compliments on them frequently. Warby Parker has TONS of options and if you don’t live close to a store or don’t want to go into one, they will send you up to 5 frames to try on at home. You can source stylish frames from your couch.

This next brand Bunny Eyez has glasses that are tiltable. Meaning, you can wear them at an angle so when you’re reading and look up things aren’t distorted. This is great for cooking, reading instructions, or shopping. Anything that has you looking up and down a bunch. I had several pairs of these, including these green frames shown here.

All of their glasses are lightweight and cute. I did have a few pair of them break, in the exact same spot. I think it’s the way I took them off. At the start of the Covid lockdown I broke my last pair of these and wore them broken for a couple of months, skewed slightly sideways on my face. But once the company re-opened their warehouse they gladly sent me a new pair to replace my broken ones, at no cost. This brand is a great option for stylish frames at a really good price. They carry cheaters only, no prescription frames offered here, but they do have sunglass cheaters, which I have and love.

This pair are my current go-tos when I want to look my best and see properly. They are big, bold, green, and I love them. And, Caddis is a Bay Area brand so it feels good to buy local, but fear not, they ship all over. These are extremely sturdy but feel a tad heavy on my face. I’m sure a mild adjustment at the eye glass store would fix this and it hasn’t stopped me from wearing them.

I’m ordering some from Look Optic as well. The shapes, and colors of the frames are beautiful and reasonably priced. I’ll report back once they arrive. There is a delay in shipping, so I was unable to include them in this post. In the meantime, take a look and give them a try if something looks good to you.

It won’t be too long I’ll be wearing a chain around my neck to hold my glasses. As my husband often muses, I’m going to make a great old lady. But when that day comes, I’ll find a stylish chain to hold my stylish glasses. Life is too short to wear things that you don’t like, this includes eyewear.

Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite place to source stylish and affordable frames.





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