Summer clothes for women over 50

Summer clothes for women over 50 can be tricky. This post takes the guessing out of what to wear and delivers solid outfit ideas that you can re-create at home.

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  • I got married at 35.
  • Had my twins at 38.
  • Then changed my career at 49.

I was the last of all my friends to do a lot of things. And, I wouldn’t change any of it.

There is no universal timeline for when things need to be completed or when you’re supposed to stop doing something. This includes your wardrobe.

Nothing irks me more than headlines such as:

5 things you should remove from you closet if you’re over 40.
Never wear this style after 50.
You’re too old for this trend.

Says who?

What should you not wear over 50

This is fashion. It’s supposed to be a creative outlet, a way to express yourself no matter what your age.

Of course I prefer to not be in Forever 21 fighting a 20-something for the last romper in my size. Just like I no longer wish to do general admission for a concert. I need a seat, drink in hand (preferably served to me), and my personal space. It’s part of aging, preferences change and that includes the clothes you wear.

But in fashion, and concert going, there are no rules. Just guidelines and suggestions that you can choose to adhere to, or not.

So summer clothes for 50-year-old women in the year 2022 is a very subjective post. It’s my opinion on ideas for how you can look stylish, feel comfortable, and be proud of your age in this warm, playful, and sun-filled season.

I incorporated some mature takes on trends that are happening now (mini skirts I’m looking at you). There is somethig for everyone, but especially my mid-life mamas.

Here are a few fifty, not frumpy, trendy summer clothes that any 50-year-old woman can feel good about wearing in 2022.

I chose items that are versatile and can be worn in a number of ways. Remember, if you’re working with a capsule wardrobe to stay in your color palette. This will make it so much easier to shop and will give you tons more outfit options in your summer capsule.
Use this as inspiration for items you already own or grab a fresh piece or two if something calls to you. All the details are listed below the photos.

Dresses for summer

I am a huge fan of dresses anytime, but most especially in the summer. It’s a 60 second outfit, you can go long or short, they are cool loose and flowy or fitted and sexy. You decide.

White tiered cotton dress with a collar. Perfect summer clothes for women over 50

Nothing says summer like a crisp white dress. This tiered beauty is flowy and gives babydoll vibes, but with some length, if you don’t wish to wear a short dress. Chandelier turquoise earrings add a pop of color and style, while the neutral slides let the earrings do all the talking.

simple black dress with straw bucket hat, black bulky sandals and simple gold bauble. Great summer clothes for women over 50.

The summer little black dress you’ve been looking for. So simple and sophisticated. You can dress this up or down. I kept it low-key for this look. A straw bucket hatblack sandals, and a gold bauble are all this dress needs. It’s loose so it won’t cling to your body in the heat of summer and the 100% cotton fabric will let your skin breathe. It’s the perfect summer dress.

Floral sundress with removable straps, red slides and blue striped bag. Clear flower earrings to top it off. A great summer outfit for women over 50

What makes this floral dress more versatile are the removable straps (not shown here). it allows a more mature wearer to feel comfortable knowing the dress will stay in place. Picking up on the colors in the pattern, I paired this with red slides and a striped blue tote. I love florals and stripes together. The acrylic flower earrings are the perfect topper for this ensemble.

How to wear shorts when you’re over 50

The ever controversial shorts. When should you stop wearing them? How long should they be? The answer is all up to you. My big tip for wearing shorts is this: wear shorts that are loose in the leg, this creates a slimming look. Simple and easy do whatever length you like, my preference is a 5 inch inseam.

floral graphic t-shirt with blue and white striped shorts, hot pink flip flops and pink dangle earrings. Great summer clothes for women over 50

Florals and stripes again, told you it’s a favorite look of mine. This floral graphic t-shirt is so cute in person and the striped shorts have a roomy leg opening which is always flattering (especially if you carry your weight below your waist). Pulling some color from the t-shirt I went with bright pink flip flops, but you could pull any color. Adding in more of the pink with the small flower dangle earrings.

Gauze shorts with white deep v t-shirt, straw camera bag and chunky  sea glass hoops.

These double gauze black shorts are comfy and stylish. The loose leg on these shorts provides a slimming effect and the elastic waist is comfortable. You can wear these with the coordinating top or break it up with a white deep v-neck t-shirt. Accessorize with a raffia cross body camera bag, sea glass earrings, and linen espadrilles for a neutral and sophisticated shorts outfit.

Skirts as a short alternative

Skirts are the perfect antidote to shorts for summer clothes. You can play with the length, wear with t-shirts and flip flops or dress them up with a blouse and sandals. They are versatile and don’t cause the same problems as shorts can. But sometimes they can be tricky. It’s hard to find the right shirt to wear with a skirt or tying it all together can be challenging. Here are a few ideas when styling a skirt for summer.

This orange brocade floral skirt is a more mature take on the mico-mini that has taken the fashion scene by storm. The asymmetrical hem adds length and dimension to the skirt and your look.

The bold patterned deco skirt in blues and greens gives you the opportunity to play off all the colors and even add accent colors as I did with the yellow wicker earrings and suede sandals. A white skirt is a great summer staple. You can wear it paired with any color or go all white. Lots of options and something you can wear over and over again. It’s a great item to include when packing using a capsule wardrobe. A classic basic.

Tell me in the comments below, what are your favorite go-to summer clothes for women over 50?



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