One week’s worth of summer work outfits

Summer work outfits can be challenging. This post provides options for each day of the week to have you looking hot and staying cool all summer long.

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When I worked in an office, I always had what I called my work blanket at the ready.

It was a large wool wrap that hung over my chair, all year long. No matter the temperature outside, it always felt like the depths of winter in the office.

This makes getting dressed for work in the summer tricky. You want to stay cool as you come to and from the office or head out to lunch, but be warm enough for that afternoon meeting when they really crank up the AC.

What’s the best way to create summer work outfits

Lightweight summer clothes made from things like cotton and linen, with layers (such as a work blanket) seem to be the easiest way to dress for the office this time of year.

This can be harder than it seems for some. So I decided to create summer work outfit templates for all the ladies in my life (that’s you). These outfits can be recreated with clothes you already own, or you can pick up a thing or two if you wish.

But the hard work is done, you can just plug and play from here. I provided options for Monday through Friday, with a casual look for Friday. You can tweak as needed for your work situation.

For example if you have a very casual office substitute jeans for slacks, or a t-shirt for a blouse. Make it work for your corporate culture.

Following these templates takes the guesswork out of figuring out what to wear each day, and will make sure that your summer work outfits are Pinterest-worthy.

Summer work outfits for 2022

Add a blazer over a floral cotton sundress for a great in office summer outfit.

Monday can be the hardest day of the week to get dressed. So let’s this make it easy for you. Pick a dress that makes you happy, this 100% cotton floral number would make anyone smile, no matter what day it is. Then select a color from the dress and wear a blazer that coordinates with this color. I went with a darker blue hue of the dress for this one button azure blue blazer.

You could also pattern mix if you want to get more advanced. For this look a blue and white striped blazer would be darling. Add some neutral flats like these woven metallic numbers, and some white floral earrings to make the day a little brighter. Monday blues be gone.

summer work outfit of a yellow linen suit or a matching sleeveless silk blouse and slacks.

Tuesdays are for going bold. So why not try some dopamine dressing and go head to toe in a solid bright color. You could do a linen suite like this yellow jacket and slacks. Simply pair with a t-shirt, tank, or blouse depending on your day, to complete the look. I’d wear it with heels or chunky loafers and simple gold earrings. You could also wear a silk blouse and slacks in the same color like this green coordinate. Add a blazer or cardigan for warmth while in the office. All you need to add is simple jewelry to finish off your look.

White puff sleeved sweater, with a floral skirt, green cap toed espadrilles , and a yellow bead necklace.

A loose flowy skirt is a great option to wear in the summer to work. This cotton floral one. Pair it with a simple top like this open weave cotton sweater and pull colors from the bold pattern for accessories. I went with green espadrilles and a bold yellow bead necklace. This skirt would also look amazing with a small pin striped oxford or white shirt.

summer work outfit of white blouse, navy cotton stretch pants, green resin earrings and fisherman sandals.

A white eyelet blouse is a great summer twist on the classic white blouse. Paired with these cotton stretch wide legged navy slacks and neutral closed toe sandals this is a classic outfit. The green resin bead earrings add a pop of color and a summer vibe.

summer work outfit jeans and a t-shirt with puffed sleeves. Add a summer tweed blazer in creme, papaya huarache sandals

Casual Friday comes and all you want to do is wear your sweatpants or shorts and a t-shirt. But that’s not really office friendly attire. So this outfit gets you as close to comfy and cool as possible. This creme summer tweed blazer is the perfect layer to keep you warm in a chilled office. Worn over this puffed sleeve t-shirt that looks great on it’s own and paired with the wide bottom jeans and papaya colored huarache sandals this is a great Friday casual look.

I own the jeans and swear they are as comfy as sweats. Lots of stretch and roomy in the legs to allow for airflow and maximum comfort.

Next steps

Use these outfit ideas as a template for each day that you have to dress for work. Make them your own, use things you have in your closet to start then fill in the gaps as needed. Here’s to you looking stylish and staying cool all summer long.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.



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