5 hats that we can all agree, should be worn all summer long

My first trip ever to Mexico was my junior year in college. I went with my friend Teri and her family to Puerto Vallarta. I was, and still am, appliance white. Zero tan. She and her family all have a deep, dark Ban de Soleil glow and love to bathe in the sun. I spent my time  sitting in the shade of a palm tree.

We were all on the beach and a street vendor approached to sell his wares. I think my “tan” caught his eye and he asked me:

“Where are you from?”

California, I replied.

“What?” He said. “You look like you’re from New Jersey.  You’re so white, like a pelican, white like a chicken.”

The crowd erupted.

And there it was, my new nickname—Chicken.

My pursuit of shade has only intensified with age.  I bring shade with me wherever I go–a HAT! It adds style to every outfit and who doesn’t love a multipurpose accessory?

Part 2 of the summer accessories series is focused on hats. Here are some of my favorites of the season.


The white color is unique, and I like the wide brim. It’s a tad formal making it great for things like outdoor weddings.


This one can be customized. You can chose from a handful of different ribbon colors. Lola brand hats are handmade in Brooklyn and very high quality.

Nice to have a dark option in your collection of hats. I like the thick weave on this and the broad brim.


The brim on this hat curves down, which provides more shade and for a more dramatic look. I love both effects.

This has a smaller profile than the others. The sparkle of the beads on this is subtle, but elevates the feel of the hat. I have this one, and get compliments on it all the time.

I wear hats with everything and everywhere! Shorts and a t-shirt, a sundress, flowey pants, kids sporting event, BBQ, outside wedding. It adds personality to something that may otherwise be, meh. A hat can be the pop of style that tips your outfit over the top. No pun intended.

If you don’t wear hats, try one! It doesn’t need to be expensive–start wearing it places other than the pool. Drop a note in the comments to share your favorite brand or summer hat style.

Because sharing is caring, please pass this along to anyone who may need some style love.





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