How a purse can spice up your summer style

My old friend and colleague, Peggy was a bag fanatic. Owned at least a hundred. Her style motto was: “Honey, just lead with the purse.” She also used to call me the daughter she never wanted, so there’s that.

Part 3 of this summer accessories series is all about purses and how to incorporate them into your summer outfits.

Anytime I don’t know what to wear, or just feel like jeans and a t-shirt, I add a cute purse and voila, it’s a great outfit. Of course, I hold my bag front and center—thanks, Peggy.

Summer is a great time to make your purse do the heavy lifting of your outfit. On those hot days when less is more, grab a bag like these shown below, to finish off your look. No extra layers to heat you up.

Added bonus; purses carry stuff. So you can stash your necessities, a layer, for later in the evening, or your water (or wine) bottle. They are a hard working accessory, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t cute! Take a look at some summer bag ideas below. Click on photos for details.

The embroidery and circular shape make this a unique option.

This bag could go from the beach to dinner, no problem.


The colors on this are adorable. With a white t-shirt and solid colored shorts, you are all set.

This is a sustainable brand that has one-of-a-kind handmade accessories from Mexico. So colorful and so cute.


This one is too cute not to include. It’s simple and unusual at the same time.


I’m a sucker for anything green and anything by Clare V.

Grab the most unique bag you own and rock it with a simple sundress or shorts and tee. Notice how it elevates your outfit from simple to noteworthy.

Style tip: if you have a very colorful bag, use that to dictate the colors of your outfit. A bold pattern shows you how to mix colors that you wouldn’t normally wear together. You can replicate this in your outfit by color choices in the clothes or other accessories, like shoes and jewelry.

Now, tell me in the comments below, what is your most unique bag that you’ll be using more of this summer?

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