Here’s how to make your capsule wardrobe vibrant and bold


Was the last thing I heard as I was strolling along the beach before a football nailed me square on the head knocking my hat sideways, my sunglasses clean off my face, and my drink out of my hand.

Every freaking time!!!

I’m a complete magnet for balls and frisbees. If I had a dime for every time I’ve been beaned by a football at the beach or frisbee while strolling around Golden Gate Park, I’d be a rich woman.

Just the other day, I was at my nephew’s baseball game. I was there for 90 seconds and sure enough, here came a foul ball, landed inches from me, thanks to some quick last-second maneuvering. That one would have hurt.

While this is an annoying and embarrassing phenomenon, it usually occurs in warmer weather, when I’m out and about at the beach or a park. Summertime.

And ball/frisbee season as I like to call it is on its way. So as I prepare for this, it’s also time to reflect on my summer colors to freshen up my capsule. You may be doing the same on your end.

This year I’m going bold with my summer colors —red and pink with some big fun patterns. It’s all about making up for lost time and fun that we didn’t get to have last year. And perhaps these bright colors will make me more visible and less likely to get pinged by flying objects. Here’s hoping.

Take a look at some options below. Links to everything are below the photos.

Remember when refreshing for summer, choose 2-3 colors that work together. All additional pieces to your capsule should be in or go with these shades.

Don’t be afraid to get bold, go for it! If it goes badly, it’s okay. You can try again the next day, each time we get dressed it’s a clean slate. No permanent record kept of our poor clothing choices.

Now, go think about what you want to do with your capsule. The colors you want to add and start playing. See what you already have on hand and if you need an item or two and see how things feel.

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