Sandals that spice up your summer wardrobe

My father used to say, “Women buy shoes just so other women can’t have them.” Living with three women, he would know.

And, he had a point! Ever been to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? The shoe department is a madhouse of women fighting over the last size 7 of the must-have shoe!!!

If you’re looking for easy ways to spice up your summer outfits or want to make your shorts and t-shirt a comment worthy outfit; look no further. I have ideas for you that are simple, inexpensive, fun, and will keep you rockin’ your style all summer long. This is the first of a three-part series focused on summer accessories.

Imagine, walking into a summer BBQ to hear “wow you look great, and those shoes!” Feels good, doesn’t it?

Let a pair of bedazzled, brightly colored, or boldly patterned sandals be the showstopper of your outfit. Take a look here for some inspiration. You can click through the photos for additional details.

IMG_6972.jpgSo feminine and pretty. The soft suede with the metallic trim make these a great addition to any outfit.

A little more formal, but would be so cute with shorts that you want to dress up a bit.

IMG_6978.jpgThese metallic sandals come in lots of finishes and are comfortable. If you need arch support, these are an excellent choice.


I own these and get tons of compliments , they really take an outfit up a notch.

IMG_6979.jpgLaidback London are Artisan made sandals. They come in loads of colors and styles.


This pop of red is so pretty. It’s both bold and neutral. And this supple leather, amazing .

This bold sparkly option would jazz up anything you wore. These come in multiple metallic shades.

My challenge for you, try a bold pair of sandals with your plain ole shorts and t-shirt or simple sundress. See how it looks and more importantly, how it makes you feel. Then just wait for the compliments to start rolling in, they will! When you feel good, people notice and comment.

Let me know which are your favorite, or if you have another summer sandal you love to wear in the comments below. If you’re not following me on Instagram, head on over and join in the fun @kimhancher.

Please, share this with anyone who may need some style love.





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