The Ultimate Summer Sweatpants

Yep. This is 12ish year old me, in my pink lounge pants, sitting in my pink chair, in my pink room.
Yep. This is 12ish year old me, in my pink lounge pants, sitting in my pink chair, in my pink room.

The onboarding of the characters on The Love Boat had just wrapped up. Charo was on, yes! A divorced dad looking for love, and a couple trying to reignite the flame, was the lineup. It was a typical Saturday night at the Amatore casa.

We heard a ruckus in the front yard.

My sister and I, all jammied up, ran over to the window, pulled back the curtain to see a roll of Charmin fly past. Our house was being teepeed by the boys in my 8th-grade class.



Running around in circles.

More screaming.

Mind you, we can’t push pause on the TV, this is the 80’s, and it was too late to get the VCR rolling to tape The Love Boat. We are missing the first dinner on the cruise. This was big, this was happening.

Big Lou, my over-protective, Italian father, decides to put an end to the nonsense. Out the front door he goes, to let fury fly on the perpetrators. Just as does, Kevin Wozney hucks a roll of toilet paper that goes whizzing by, barely missing my dad’s head. Uh, oh.

“Hey, knock it off you kids,” he yells.

The boys freeze for a split second, then take off running. Lou chases them down the street, why, I don’t know. He stops after a few houses, cursing—damn sweatpants! They were falling down, so he had to end the pursuit because he couldn’t keep his pants up as he ran.

He was so mad, mostly because the kids outran him, which of course he didn’t admit. He blamed it all on his sweats.

Have your sweatpants ever let you down like that? I sure hope not. While we’re on the topic, let’s talk about Summer Sweats, the kind you lounge around in. I discussed elevated loungewear in a previous blog, but today I am bringing in the big lounge guns—sweatpants.

Truth is, many of us are staying close to home, still. Here in California, we’ve already been informed that school will begin with Distance Learning and many companies are still working 100% remotely. We are hunkering down for way longer than expected, with no real end in sight.

My point: I need to get comfy with my current situation, but I still want to look like I tried at least a little bit. So today with a little tug at my heart, I’m presenting sweat clothes for the summer. Not because I think you should wear these all day every day, but because I think we all deserve a break right now. We all deserve to feel comforted by something, and if it’s a pair of sweat shorts and a matching top, then so be it.

And let’s hope if you have to chase down any pre-teens, these options will stand up to the challenge. Click on the photos below for more details on any of the items.

Z Supply has some great lightweight sweat options. This star t-shirt and shorts is adorable but it would be cute with just a plain white tee as well. The two sets shown below are lightweight and have matching tee options as well.

This brand is eco-friendly and sustainably made. These are available in tons of colors.

Same brand different set. This has a matching t-shirt option as well. And comes in other colors. Cute.

These are super cool with the big slit and full leg. They have a sweatshirt option to match, but I like these with a t-shirt for summer.

Outerknown is a new brand to me. Another sustainable option. While this isn’t exactly a sweatsuit, I had to throw it in, because who wouldn’t want to lounge around in this? Love the color. The options below are from the same brand, the hoodie and pants are matching, but the white is a great option to mix in with the pants.

This. Love this so much. Feminine and comfortable. Another sustainable choice from Rag Doll LA. They have loads of solid color sets as well.

Bonus: This is a kid option that was too cute not to include. If you zoom in you’ll see it has a leopard print. Darling. They have a couple of other colors if your little one would prefer a bolder choice.

I have to admit, I have very little of this type of clothing. And what I do have, well it’s not great looking. So we can work on this together. What I showed you today are cute, figure-flattering, and comfortable sweat outfit options. These are not your mother’s sweatpants. Here is my challenge to you (and me) for keeping our sweatsuit game cute:

  1. Wear sets-—the matching top and bottom make it look polished, even though it’s sweatshirt material.

  2. Be intentional when you get dressed. If you’re not wearing a set, choose a t-shirt that matches your sweat shorts (or pants) and do a slight front tuck to show your shape.

  3. Ditch the oversized sweats, with the random concert t-shirt and college sweatshirt. It looks sloppy and it’s hard to be productive while wearing this get up. This is the voice of experience speaking, the couch just calls when you wear something like this.

  4. Try to find loungewear that looks good on you and in turn makes you feel good.

  5. Be sure to change things up, don’t wear the same sweats for days in a row. Try to mix in other clothing choices as well.

You are going for pretty, feminine, dare I say sexy, sweat ensembles. Tell your significant other, I said, you’re welcome.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found other sweatsuit brand that you love. This is a long season of lounging, we need all the options available to get through this together.

As always, please share this with a friend who needs some style love.



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