How to wear the top sweaters of the fall season

It was Autumn the first time I laid eyes on my husband. 

October, to be exact. At a dive bar in San Francisco, in Chinatown—The Buddha Bar, where flaming Dr. Pepper shots are the specialty drink. 

It’s a real love story.

My girlfriend Korrie and I were operating the jukebox. 

We pulled barstools in front of the player, parked ourselves on them, and demanded people hand over their dollar bills to us when they approached to select a song. 

And they did. Which made us even more brazen.

We sat on our barstools laughing at ourselves, when a finger began to wag in my face.

Uh, oh I think we’re in trouble for the jukebox takeover.

I look up and this babyface guy says to me, “I know you.”

“Uh, I don’t think so.” 

Nice line buddy, move along. 

But I did notice his great smile.

“No, really. What’s your name?” He insisted.

Turns out, he had met my sister before, he never forgets a face. My sister and I are Irish twins, (10 days less than a year apart) and look very similar. He thought I was her. It wasn’t just a line after all.

We had to meet two other times before we exchanged numbers, but this was the start of it all. 

Another reason to heart the fall season.

The others: cooler weather, everything pumpkin, the colors, and of course, sweaters. 

What’s better than sweater weather? 

Well, by the time fall rolls around, nothing. 

Tired of the heat and lack of schedule that summer brings, I’m ready for the change, to welcome the cooler start and end to days. We still have our Indian Summer to get through here in the Bay Area, but very soon, sweaters will be part of our daily wardrobe.

In anticipation, I’ve pulled together some sweater ideas. 

This season as we slowly begin to reopen things, I think the cozy sweater will be my new wardrobe bestie. I will be relying on it a lot. To look good for Zoom calls, as a polished layer over comfy pants, or to tie things together while wearing my favorite jeans for the 8,000th time. No one sees me, so it’s okay.

This is what I tell myself anyway.

The focus of my curated selection is the cardigan. I think it’s the most versatile type of sweater, is easy to layer, and can go from preppy to edgy with a few tweaks. Without further ado, I bring you an array of styles and choices to ring in sweater weather. 


The color detail is pretty. Equally good for Zoom calls or the sidelines of a soccer game.

Knit polos are the rage this season, so is bold color. This one nails both of these trends.

The options with this one are unlimited. Polished enough for work, casual enough for errands. Add jewelry to change the vibe. This is a classic piece that you can have in your closet for a long time.

Cute with jeans and a t-shirt as shown or as a layer over leggings post workout.

This menswear inspired style with feminine fit is a cool option for an edgy look.


This one is all about lounging. Loose fit, longer and it’s 100% cotton, so it can be worn year round. And this color. So pretty.



This is luxury. Cashmere lounge sweater that looks amazing over a dress, with slacks or jeans. This is definitely a staple for any wardrobe.


This one is so fun! The rhinestone buttons are amazing and definitely elevate the look of this sweater. There is also a matching skirt. Hmm, think I might need a sweater skirt this fall. Perfect lounge or dress wear!

I’m sure you have plenty of sweaters on hand, go dig them out of your closet. Plan how you’ll begin to incorporate them into your transitional wardrobe. Wear a structured cardigan over a t-shirt with a necklace for a work Zoom call. Add a more relaxed sweater over your favorite joggers when running errands. Throw a lightweight sweater on with your shorts when you know you’ll need a layer. Sweaters add texture, color, and pattern to your everyday basics and deliver that pop of style you want.

Let me know in the comments if you have a go-to sweater look that you’re looking forward to wearing this fall.



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