You’re Professional Style is Tailored & Timeless

Your ideal professional style is very buttoned up.

Your dream wardrobe is full of:

classic staple pieces, but with an edge

fewer pieces but they are high quality and will last you a lifetime

neutrals with smaller pops of unexpected color here and there

menswear-inspired clothes with subtle feminine touches

Your style icons are Diane Keaton and Katherine Hepburn.

You are all about efficiency; time is money. You want to get dressed as quickly as possible while looking the best that you can. But sometimes you’re not sure how.

This is why a capsule wardrobe is perfect for you. A capsule wardrobe is simply a curated set of clothes that all work together. It allows you to get ready in a matter of minutes each morning, as you know anything you pull from this group of clothes works together well.

The Tailored & Timeless must haves.

Your wardrobe must haves are:

A great pair of slacks

A blazer

A solid white or blue striped oxford poplin shirt


Great places for you to shop are:

Alex Mill NY


Me + Em

Who am I and why do you need to know me?

Kim Hancher here. Style coach, blogger and course creator.

Every time you open your closet the battle between putting on yoga pants (again) and a real outfit begins. The yoga pants usually win.

Is this you but you’d like to change things?

Let’s face it, naked isn’t an option! At least not most of the time. So I want to make sure women over 50 understand how to create their own style.

I show you how to decide which garments are allowed to take up space in your closet and how to put them together for a look that is only yours

(no frump allowed).

I’m Kim Hancher, Style Coach and recovering corporate girl. Here are some things that make me uniquely, me.

I love: the color green, vegetarian food, laughing, the latest exercise class, and a good purse. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, twin daughters and fluff-ball Bruno. And when I’m not shopping can be found on some sort of sports field cheering my girls on. I’m a fiercely loyal Capricorn who believes we all deserve to feel stylish.

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