How to Look Festive for Thanksgiving this Year

My dad was driving us to an event at my high school, it was early evening. My mom had this sudden and dire need for something to drink. We were in a part of town he was unfamiliar with, so he didn’t know where to stop. We spotted a fast-food drive-through, a Frosty Freeze type place with outside tables in the front.


Sort of.

He made a last-minute turn into the driveway of the establishment, and it wasn’t until it was too late that he realized he was going the wrong way through the drive-through.

He had entered through the exit.

Once he realized this there was nothing left to do but continue through the drive-through, backward.

I’ll never forget the look on the girl’s face at the food pick up window as we drove past her.

She was horrified and entertained all at the same time, just like all of us in the car.

My dad waved to her like nothing was amiss just a family out for a drive and kept going, exiting through what was supposed to be the entry.

Thankfully we didn’t encounter any cars going the correct way as we rounded the corner.

We never got that drink. Obviously.

Thanksgiving this year kinda feels like driving backward through the drive-through. It feels wrong, could be dangerous, and who knows what’s going to happen at the other end.

No matter what you do to celebrate—visit with your bubble, have an outdoor meal, celebrate with your immediate family only, or are gathering with a larger group of family and friends, you’ll need something to wear.

I’ve selected things that run from loungewear to something you would really wear to Thanksgiving in a normal year.

A girl needs options, especially in these unusual times. Browse below and see which look you’ll be rocking this year. Consider pairing these outfits with house shoes from last week’s blog post.

The sweater skirt is all the rage this season. Pair it with a cropped cardigan, matching or not, and you’ve got an easy Thanksgiving outfit. Comfortable, warm and easy to move around in. Add boots for an outside event, if staying hope, choose a pair of house shoes and you’re all set.

Corduroy is a great Thanksgiving holiday fabric. This dress gives plenty of room for pie eating and the color is beautiful. Brown booties and some hoop earrings are all that is needed to finish off this look.

This is silk, and needs nothing added but a pair of loafers and some simple earrings.

I love the tropical vibe of this with the fall colors. I’d keep accessories to a minimum with this dress. Simple boots and a small dangle earring.

This cashmere sweatsuit from Naadam is so pretty. I have one of their sweaters, and it’s so soft and easy to care for (no dry cleaning). Paired with the green, shearling lined, pom-pom slides this is a great option for staying home to celebrate.

I pulled together two different outfits from one base of jeans and a turtleneck but used different accessories and finishing pieces. Choose which one you prefer based on your style and where you are going for the holiday. Let me know in the comments below. Links to all items are below the photo.

Pink pearl earrings ,  plaid headband,   cardigan ,  blush house shoes .  Olive turtleneck ,  jeans .  Tassel earrings  , plaid jacket ,  white boots .Pink pearl earrings, plaid headband, cardigan, blush house shoes. Olive turtleneck, jeans. Tassel earrings, plaid jacket, white boots.

This year I am thankful for my health, my family’s well being, and for you. You show up, read my silly stories, browse my photos, and occasionally you even drop me a comment.

I really appreciate your support, it means more than you know.

No matter what you do to celebrate this year, stay safe out there.

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