How to dress for a unique Valentine’s Day

Penned Valentine’s Day 1995:

A Valentine’s Day Poem for You

Today is the day when all lovers are gay, for this is their celebration.

It comes once a year, fills the dateless hearts with fear, and brings some acts of desperation.

Candy and flowers perhaps a kiss or two is all one might request on this day,

But too often you find women have already designed that all the good ones are married or gay

On the occasion that you may have a date on the 14th day of February

Please remember to shower, look fresh as a flower, but always, always be wary.

For it has been said boys have one idea in their head and they will not stop unless

You happened to pack in your little knapsack, your bottle of Dye Witness.*

I hope your day is special and love fills you up to the brim

Just remember me here in San Francisco wishing I were out with a him!

I have a sister who is 10 days less than a year younger than me. To say we are close is an understatement. We always have been, but became closer once I went away to college.

I used to love writing silly little poems such as this one, about nothing (and everything) to her. Clearly, I have mad skills in this department.

This one is more of an ode to my hatred , not love, of Valentine’s Day. Especially in my 20’s when the whole world had a love interest, but I did not. It was a holiday built to highlight my failings in the romance department and I didn’t appreciate it.

Today I understand that I can make V-day anything I want it to be. It’s a made-up holiday, so why not makeup how you choose to view it and celebrate it?

To me it’s about all kinds of love: kids, friends, dogs, yourself, you name it. Who doesn’t need a little more love right now? I encourage you to make it your own holiday as well.

Write your own silly poem for your sibling, make a dessert for your kids, or a homemade card for your significant other. You can also dress for the day—either go all out or make it subtle. I have never been on a Valentine’s Day date with a man ever in my life, but if that’s your thing, then dress up for it, make a splash.

As I always say, the way you dress sets your mood. So set your V-Day to be what YOU want this year, starting with your outfit.

I’ve pulled together a few looks, all ideas that you can use as a template and pull from your closet. I know you’ve got good stuff in there, sometimes you just need an idea of how to put it all together.  If you want to, you can shop the outfits by simply clicking on the image.

These jeans are so good, go check them out they look better on the model. Love the French and V-day vibe of this outfit.


This is for my low-key holiday ladies. The subtle heart hoops are the only nod to the day. Red sweatshirt can be worn through the winter and on those cool spring mornings.

The nap dress. This style of dress is something good that has come from all of this being at home and I think it’s darling. Add the tissue turtleneck for winter, but once spring and summer hits add a pair of sandals, ditch the turtleneck and you are ready for poolside.


The scarf is what ties this all together. I love the pops of green for spring. You can wear all of these elements well beyond Valentine’s Day together or individually. The pants are up- cycled denim, putting a twist on a classic cut of pants.

*WTH is Dye Witness mentioned in the poem?

The previous Christmas our mother had given us both a can of this self-defense spray. When dispensed it would turn the perpetrator’s skin green or blue, can’t remember exactly. Then the police could easily locate him after you filed your police report.

Perfection, right?

The combination of late-night television ads and a mom who worried incessantly about her city-dwelling 20 something daughters landed this product in our stockings. Thankfully we never had to use it, so I have no idea if it really worked.

But I have a guess!

I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day however you choose to celebrate. Let me know some of your holiday traditions in the comments below.

Please share this with a friend who could use some style love.



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