Wedding guest dresses for women over 50

This post shares wedding guest dresses that women over 50 can feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful wearing.

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It’s been a long time since my wedding hustle days.  

There were summers that it felt like every weekend I had a wedding to attend. In my early 30s weddings presented a new set of challenges as I had no partner and no plans for a wedding of my own. 

The bouquet toss during this era consisted of: the bride’s 18-year-old cousin, two flower girls, and me. 

The bride would seat me at a table with the one(ish) single guy invited hoping we’d hit it off. One time it worked, sort of. But at the other 8 million weddings, I attended there was only awkward conversation during dinner and avoiding one another the rest of the night. 

It didn’t matter that my single late in life status was glaring at weddings, I still loved going to them. There is something about two people getting up in front of everyone they know to say, this is it. This is my person forever and ever. It makes me happy.

The free dinner, drinks, and dance floor are kind of fun too, and so is getting dressed up.

But what do you wear to a wedding these days? Post-pandemic, and middle-aged, how should you dress? How do you show up at a wedding wearing something celebratory without stealing the show?

I have a couple ideas for how a woman over 50 can show up looking and feeling great to a wedding this summer and beyond. 

The New York Times predicts that 2.5 million weddings will take place in 2022. That is the most since 1984. So your calendar is most likely filling up with invites. We need to get you something to wear.

The NYT article also shared that weddings this year are going to be smaller, more intimate, and casual affairs. Not less luxurious, but less formal. The clothing choices below take all of this into account. 

The trends, but with a twist (florals, cutouts, pleats)

There are lots of great trends this wedding guest season but what is appropriate for a woman in her 50s? 

Anything you are comfortable with is appropriate. Sometimes you want a little guidance, especially when you’re out of practice like we all are with the lack of weddings due to the pandemic. 

I’ll touch on some fun trends and how to wear them as well as the classics. No lace and satin to the ground frump gowns for you my over 50 beauty. 

Cut outs

This is a huge trend right now, and usually best left to the kids. I like to say that my mid-section is no longer for public consumption. 

But if done subtly a cutout works well on various body types. This dress has one small cut out at the side of the dress. So you can partake in the trend by giving a small peek of skin. You’ll look sophisticated and current. Click the photo for more details on this dress.

black one shoulder dress with a cutout at the side. Great wedding guest dress for women over 50

Floral dresses

Floral dresses are on-trend this season. I love it but you have to be careful as large floral patterns can read frumpy. The way to wear this type of pattern is in a more youthful silhouette or mixed with a coordinating pattern. The balance between these elements makes a floral work.

The blue and white dress has puffy sleeves, a cinched waist, and a v-shape at the neck for a feminine and youthful shape. While the floral and striped dress has ruffles and pattern mixing that makes it younger. Finding a dress that combines youthful and mature with the right mix of patterns and cuts can be tricky, but these two nail this perfectly. Click the photos for additional details on these dresses.

Pleats on wedding guest dresses for women over 50

Pleated dresses are all the rage this season, and I found a couple of beauties here. Many are a looser style, no body con dresses here, and they are very appropriate for a mature woman to wear at a wedding. 

I love the drama of the one-shoulder look and the bold colors.The green dress has a floral damask pattern. This dresses combine several trends (pleats, floral pattern, and bold color) into one beautiful dress. The high neck on the champagne dress is elegant and the elastic waist very flattering. If you’d like more details on these dresses, simply click the photos.

Bold color

What’s the best color to wear to a wedding? This year, saturated and bold color in any shade. 

I know we’ve seen this trend all year long and it extends to wedding guest dresses for women over 50, too. The orange dress with handkerchief trim is gorgeous. 100% cotton and so easy to wear. Great for a hot climate wedding. The hot pink wrap dress is flattering on many body types making it an easy choice as a wedding guest dress. Pair both of these with subtle jewels and neutral sandals. Let the dress do all the talking. For more details on these dresses click the photos.

Silk dresses

A classic fabric like silk in a sexier cut is the perfect balance for a guest’s wedding dress. The dresses below show the right amount of skin so you can avoid the frump factor. These sophisticated dresses are perfect for a mature wedding guest to wear. These are classic styles you can wear for years to come. Make sure you click on the blue dress to see it’s full shape, it’s really pretty. The green dress has a full back, so no tricky bra situation involved.


If a dress is not your cup of tea, then try a jumpsuit. This full-sleeved version has lots of drama but still looks comfortable. It’s dressed up and laid back at the same time. I’d wear simple drop earrings and a cocktail ring—nothing else on my wrists. These sleeves don’t need another thing to make them perfect. Click the photo for additional details.

Navy full sleeve jumpsuit

These looks have one thing in common, comfort. Nothing tight or constricting. Flowy and easy to wear is my mantra. These wedding guest dresses for women over 50 included.

I hope these have inspired your outfit for the next wedding you have to attend. 



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